Mother’s Day on Mount Ararat

By Mir
May 14, 2006

Lo, daylight did break, except not really, because daylight didn’t so much “break” as it did “half-heartedly glow grey” behind all the rain. Monkey climbed into bed with me at 5:30.

“Ohhhhh, Buddy, nonono. Too early to get up.” My face may have been buried in the pillow. It may have come out “Ohhhhh, Buddy, mmphffgg. Ooo errmph et mph.”

He patted my hair. “I’ll just sleep a little right here,” he assured me. “Happy Mother’s Day!” And then he sprawled out in the middle of the bed and poked his icy cold feet into my crotch.

My day, indeed.

The festivities continued when Chickadee joined us at around 7:00. “You should get up,” she greeted me. I felt… so very special. That’s love, right there.

I looked at the clock. “Why don’t you two go watch cartoons downstairs? I want to sleep a little more.”

Monkey was halfway across the room as soon as I said “cartoons.” Chickadee studied the clock. “How long?” I raised an eyebrow at her. “How long are you going to SLEEP? What time can I wake you up?”

“Ummmm… how about you give me another hour.” The corners of her mouth turned down with displeasure. I stifled a chuckle. “You know, seeing as how it’s MOTHER’S DAY, and all? Can I sleep til 8? Pretty pleeeeease?” She finally agreed, and they left my room. Temporarily.

I managed about another half hour of sleep between visits. Then I gave up and got out of bed.

It was raining so hard outside that the driveway had its own river, and all of the rain gutters were mini waterfalls. I made an executive decision that due to inclement weather, we would stay in rather than going to church. (The children expressed their disappointment thusly: “Yayyyyyyy!”)

We spent the day in our pajamas, watching cartoons, being lazy slugs, and the kids actually timing how long each of them got to snuggle with me to ensure that it worked out FAIR and EQUAL for each of them. It’s nice to be wanted, at least.

My Mother’s Day gifts were all allocated on Friday and Saturday. Today, apparently, I was just supposed to fetch snacks when asked, because I’d already gotten my loot.

[Loot: Monkey did one of those fill-in-the-blank books about mom at school, wherein I discovered that when I observe the state of his room I say “HOLEE GWAKAMOLEE.” Interesting spelling aside, I’m a little bit wondering where he came up with that, as I say many, many things, but “holy guacamole” really isn’t part of my standard repertoire.

Chickadee made me a book at school, too, but I have to say that–while it’s very nice–those things are just NOT the same once the spelling is correct and the pictures no longer depict us all with octopi for hands and green hair.

Then on Saturday, the kids came back from my ex’s with a beautiful flower arrangement and a CD-ROM of a gazillion Sudoku, for me. Good loot!]

So. Jammies. Television. Snacks. Phone calls to applicable mothers. More phone calls, from various friends with weather and road updates. And the dreaded: “Guess what? No school tomorrow!” call.

The children writhed with joy. “No school? That means we can do this exact same thing again TOMORROW!” I dunno. That might be too much excitement for me. But it’s definitely not a bad way to spend a Sunday. Maybe tomorrow we can put the finishing touches on the ark, and get out for some groceries.


  1. Carol

    Oh yay, I’m first! Better type fast…

    I just blogged about my own son’s “fill-in-the-blank” Mother’s Day card. I must say, his rendition of “holy guacamole” is quite creative. My own son loves me best when I’m sleeping. Heh. Go figure.

    Happy Mother’s Day, Mir! You are definately a great one :)

  2. hollygee

    I’m glad that you had a restful – except for having to get up to get snacks – Mother’s Day.

    This rain is amazing. I thought that the weather guys said that it was going to leave the Western part of Vermont to stay over on your part of NE. Sigh. It does make me homesick for the Pacific Northwest.

  3. chris

    I bet he told his teacher you say “holy shit” and she convinced him otherwise ;-)

  4. Melissa

    Sounds like you had a nice one. My day was the hubby playing with his boat, while me & the oldest boy, cut grass. Nice huh?:)

  5. Mary P

    I’m so with you on the spell-checked and “perfected” children’s gifts. Boo.

    My daughter (12) gave me a card for my blog, proudly emblazoned “CONGRADULATIONS”! Heeheehee…

  6. Church

    Wow! Talk about a contrast. Yesterday with my son it was 100 degrees and I spent the day at his baseball game and hiking…fried to a crisp, I am.

    Oh, and I think Scooter beat Monkey…he roused me at 5:05 to give me my gifts…ugh. Tried to get him to lay down and go back to sleep and he pushed himself right up against me, knocked my head off the pillow and had the wiggles from hell. I finally gave up about 7:13.

    Sounds like a great Mother’s Day!

  7. Cele

    You’re right Hollygee it was very gorgous in the Pacific Northwest for Mother’s Day.

    I miss those cute little cards. I saved all those things that Psam would bring home from school and church and when she graduated from high school put them all in a scrapbook for her as a present.

  8. Shiz

    From One of Calvin (of Calvin and Hobbes)’s handmade maother’s day cards:

    I was going to buy a card
    With hearts of pink and red
    But then I thought I’d rather
    spend the money on me, instead

    It’s hard to purchase presents
    When one’s allowance is so small
    I guess you’re pretty lucky
    You get anything at all

    So happy Mother’s Day to you
    There I’ve said it, now I’m done
    So how ’bout getting out of bed
    And making breakfast for your son

    His mom’s reaction before reading the card: Oh, how sweet!
    After reading: I’m deeply touched.

    Sums it all up, doesn’t it? ;)

  9. Shiz


  10. Amy-GO

    Your schools close for RAIN? What kind of Mother’s Day present is THAT? I don’t care if you have to swim to the bus stop, if the stuff falling from the sky ain’t frozen, you’re GOING.
    Makes you wish I was YOUR mom, doesn’t it? ;)

  11. InterstellarLass

    Sounds like a perfect day to me! Happy Mother’s Day!

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