But it didn’t make me better at Sudoku

By Mir
April 23, 2006

Once upon a time, all Americans were formally granted certain inalienable rights by the Declaration of Independence. Among those were life, liberty, and people sending you free stuff to try if you happen to have a website. I cannot even find the words to express my gratitude to our forefathers for toiling on our behalf to make these things so. But that’s probably because I’m too busy with the free stuff.

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but the nice folks over at BocaJava have launched a new line of premium coffees specifically for bloggers. I take my mooching reviewing responsibilities very seriously, so I know they’re going to be thrilled that I was one of the recipients of a coffee reviewer kit.

First off, I barely read the description of what I’d be receiving–I figured it would be little mini-packs of a couple of different blends. Imagine my surprise when a CASE of coffee arrived (and a mug! and a hat!), containing full-size bags of each of the six new varieties for bloggers.

So I was already kinda crushin’ on them because it was a very generous freebie.

Well. The coffee arrived just before we left on our trip, so I looked through the varieties and selected two bags which I thought my parents would enjoy. They prefer darker roasts, so I brought Blogs of Bravery and Late Night Log In with me to share, as both are dark blends. (For the record: I personally am most eager to try Bloggers Pajama Passion, because it’s flavored with vanilla, kahlua and caramel and I happen to like girly flavored coffees. Shut up.)

[Before I continue, I just have to say this: A line of coffees named after blogging? Is that really going to make people more likely to buy them? Oh, I’m sorry, I can’t buy THAT coffee, it isn’t named after one of my hobbies. But I’m totally going to get a few boxes of those Well-Behaved Angels Cookies and a case of Big Fat Paycheck Cola!]

This morning I pulled out the two bags and asked which one we should have. My stepmom said either was fine with her, and my father settled in to comparing the two bags and pondering the composition of the blends and finally making his selection based upon the most important criterion for coffee: “Let’s not drink coffee that has a helicopter on the label.” Late Night Log In went into the grinder.

(And it was 8:00 in the morning! We are mavericks! Drinking the late night coffee with breakfast! Why, we are just the sort of folks BocaJava had in mind, I am certain of it!)

A mere ten minutes or so later, we three all had cups of coffee in hand. My folks drink theirs black, so while I rummaged in the fridge looking for half-n-half or milk, I asked them what they thought.

“It has excellent nose!” My father punctuated this declaration with a sweeping hand gesture. I could see we were off to a great start with the useful analysis. I turned to my stepmom.

“What do YOU think?” I asked.

“It’s strong,” she said, taking another sip. “It’s good.” I nodded and poured some milk into my mug, while we discussed whether or not I’ve always taken milk in my coffee, and I managed to restrain myself from rambling on about one of my biggest pet peeves in the world. [But I can vent it now, because I know you’re dying to hear: This makes me completely mental. If it’s fat free, it’s not half-and-half. It’s HALF-AND-NOTHING. And don’t bother telling me that it’s nice and thick like the real thing. I’ve had it. I’m aware. The uncanny resemblance to the real thing just makes it all that much scarier. It gives me the heebie-jeebies.]

I took a sip and my stepmom was right; it’s a very strong blend. And while I hate to agree with glib ad copy, the Late Night Log In description claims “This coffee is rich with flavor and has a smooth finish,” and it’s really true. Sometimes very bold coffees have a bitter note at the end; in fact, I think that’s why I often assume I don’t like dark roasts. But this was very smooth and I liked it.

I downed a large mug of it and then spent the morning neglecting my children and screwing up the same Sudoku puzzle several times, in fact. So, while the coffee didn’t actually inspire me to run off and blog (although look, now it’s late at night and here I am… SPOOKY), I was pleased with it. I’m looking forward to trying the others.

In summary: Nice people who give awesome freebies and actually make a yummy product. Plus, they sell this and I’ll just take that as a sign that these are Good People, even if they do give their coffees silly names.

Go visit BocaJava and check them out for yourself. Also, if you could come over here and explain to me WHY I keep coming up with two 7s in this one row, I’ll make you some coffee myself.


  1. daysgoby

    Aren’t there web sites with Sudoku puzzles on them?

    (See, giving you good reason to stay up all night and drink coffee!)

  2. buffi

    Oh, I totally forgot that the coffee was coming. I really could have used that before church today. Must go to the PO in the morning!

  3. Gillian

    I was almost jealous, but then I said, “Pshaaaw” (handy word that) I live in Washington practically falling into the Straits of Juan de Fuca and we have a dozen espresso stands in my little town. Parenthetically, this includes one called ‘A Brewed Awakening’ which has to be supported just for being that clever. One of our local markets sells a coffee called ‘Chocolate Velvet’ and it is. I have no right to feel envious.

    On the other hand, hurrah for your nose thumbing to the non-fat half and half. It not only tastes bad, it feels thick and odd on your tongue. If real half and half in my coffee is taking me out, I will die smiling.

  4. hollygee

    I have a recipe for a banana-chocolate chip quick bread. It’s good. But monkey bread is something else, entirely — a sweet, cinnamon yeast bread made in a tube pan; you pull the rolls apart and get all sticky and spicy.

  5. Heather

    I am so addicted to Sudoku. Use this site, http://www.websudoku.com
    You can print them or do them on the web. To addicting – I.can.not.stop. Enjoy your vacation!!

  6. ferd

    It’s good to see you take your pimpin’ as seriously as your moochin’.

  7. Tink

    Imagine that! Who’d have ever thought that something so mundane and frustrating would be of interest to a faerie? But it is, and for that valuable information on how to feed this burgeoning habit, I thank you, Heather.


  8. Lori

    I’m so addicted to the Sudoku, and I second the vote for websudoku.com! I lose time on that website. For Reals! I’ll go there to play ONE game whilst drinking my mornin’ joe, and before I know it, the clock strikes NOON. If I could mainline Sudoku, I totally would.

  9. Cele

    I am so resisting the temptations of Suduko. No I will not do that I would never get another thing done, be hairless and fatter than ever in my addiction. The coffees on the other hand… nothing is better that coffee fresh brewed -like right into the cup. I so understand the concept of Senesio (or however you spell it.) The amorma…oh that is living. Drink up

  10. ben

    Blogger coffee.

    Oh, man, they have everything now.

    Next up: blogger peanut butter sandwiches! “I’ll have Total Nutjob on WilWheaton with Laugh Out Loudberry Jelly, please!”

    (for the mommybloggers and daddybloggers they are called ‘samwhiches,’ though)

  11. Kira

    You know, I hate to disagree with you, you are more precious to me than my fluffy purple monkey socks. But. Flavored coffee?

  12. Susan

    Fat-free half-and-half is a travesty. That is all I have to say about that.

    And! The Pyjama Blend! SOOOOO very delicious. But I’m not wearing the hat out in public. I draw the line there.

  13. Susan

    Fat-free half-and-half is a travesty. That is all I have to say about that.

    And! The Pyjama Blend! SOOOOO very delicious. But I’m not wearing the hat out in public. I draw the line there.

  14. Laura

    I opened the Pajama Passion at work today and it was delicious!!! So far we’ve only tried the Bravery Blend and this one. I’m lovin’ it!

  15. kim

    I so wanted to be a tester for those new coffee belnds, but alas, one must be a resident of the states, and not a canuck like myself…And i sooooo love my coffee.
    (that and the mugs are really cute too!)

  16. kim

    I so wanted to be a tester for that coffee, but alas, one must reside in the states, and i am a canuck.
    I love my coffee…and freebies rock!

    As for Sudoku, i just can’t wrap my brain around them. I have tried, but it is something i was not meant to master

  17. DebR

    I’ve been mostly resisting Sudoku, but this morning I played Hamster Sudoku. It’s more fun with pics of hamsters instead of numbers. :-D

  18. Shiz

    Oh no. I am a coffee snob and I don’t even DRINK drip coffee. BUT, coffee with added “flavors” to the beans? Don’t trust it. Add flavours after brewing. They can even sell the flavours WITH the beans, throw them in the whole shebang, but I’m not for vanilla flavoured beans. Do. Not. Trust.

    And I’m with you on the blog names: what’s the point?

    PS – For a smooth dark coffee, anyone can grind and brew espresso roast just like drip coffee. Lots of folks do it for their morning brew.

  19. Shiz

    Ok, I wanna be a whor–product reviewer, too. How can I be a reviewer, Mir?

  20. Nothing But Bonfires

    I am in TOTAL agreement about the fat free half and half. Honestly, it’s just not even worth bothering with.

    As for the Sudoku, do you do yours one direction at a time? I find it helps to do the three boxes that go straight down on the left, then the three boxes that go straight across the bottom, then the three that go up the right…..aghh, it’s too hard to explain. But I do have A Foolproof System. I could email you a diagram if you like. It’s only ever allowed me to screw up twice, and one of those times I was drunk.

  21. Latte Man

    I also signed up for the Blogger Blend review pack over at Boca java. And like you I am taking it quite seriously. Unlike you though (at least so far), I am not sure they are going to be too thrilled that they sent it to me.

  22. flybunny

    Ohhh thanks for pointing me to BocaJava – I am ordering some thing for my boss for her birthday – I was looking for something unusual and this will fit the bill. Thanks!!!

    I had to quit Sudoku because it made me crazy and I spent WAY too much time on it, now I save it for plane trips so I can easily pass the time.

  23. Mary

    Girly flavored coffees! Only if they also include a shot of womanly flavored booze like Bushmill’s.

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