And the winner is…

By Mir
March 18, 2006
Category Detritus

Oh my word, that was fun. Y’all are so pretty! And clever!

Honorable “if only you knew how to count the syllables” Mention to my father, for his freeform not-haiku:

clean floors avoid
tripping over iambic pentameters
haikus rule

(Dad wins a lovely “Now I Can Count” board book.)

Honorable “I would love to give you an award but since I know you in real life I’m thinking you should be disqualified on some sort of nepotism clause” Mention to Zuska, for her lyrical haiku:

Ah! Like winter snow,
the dust has made a landscape
so serene. Why clean?

(Zuska wins, um, my admiration!)


… First Runner-Up and “girl after my own heart” award goes to crazyjane for her masterpiece:

spring cleaning sucks ass.
i try to never do it.
that’s why i had kids.

(Crazyjane wins a mystery prize! Just now I decided that! Email me your address!)

And our Grand Prize winner of the The Mothers’ Group diaper bag and water bottle is the ever-lovely Jenn2:

To Clorox and Pledge,
Swiffer, Mr. Clean, I say

Jenn2 won hands-down with her judicious application of the phrase MAZEL TOV, SUCKER! (I especially like the interpretive flair of changing it to SUCKA; that’s some happening artistic spirit, right there.) Jenn2, please get me your mailing address. And may I just say… MAZEL TOV, SUCKER!

Thanks to everyone who played!


  1. Jenn2

    Oh my gosh! I am so surprised….I didn’t even prepare a speech. I’d like to thank the academy, my lovely parents and the ever lovely Mir, for giving me the opportunity to shine and the inspiration for “Mazel Tov, suckers!” *wiping tears* And thank you to my fabulous husband, for knocking me up and making a diaper bag necessary, again.

    Mir, I’ll email you on Monday. My home computer doesn’t believe I am an authorized user of the email account.

    Thank you everyone…Goodnight.

    *Leaves with George Clooney*

  2. Y

    I just have to tell you, this post has me laughing so hard I tooted a little.

    DAD’S HAIKU!!!

  3. Bob

    I’m sooo disappointed. I’m initiating a protest to the judges. Oh wait, you’re the judge – and the jury. Kangaroo court.

    I didn’t want no diaper bag anyway. It’s not like I’m gonna need it for a few more years. (How many depends fit in it anyway?)

  4. Mary

    This was great! Good idea and lots of creative effort. Congrats to the winners!

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