Don’t ask if you don’t want the answer

By Mir
March 10, 2006

Monkey: *loud, prolonged snuffling and snorting*
Me: Ack, STOP THAT! Do you need a tissue?
Monkey: Not anymore!


  1. Tracey

    Don’t you just love it when kids do things like that?

  2. Jessica

    *shudder* At least it’s not just mine that does that. I can handle blood, poop, vomit, any number of bodily grossness from my children, but when it comes to snot…*shudder*

  3. Erin (erin-erin-bo-berin)

    I imagine it’s better than seeing your child touching their brain via their own nostril…

  4. Patricia

    In the last two days, my 2 year old boy has proven he needs no tissue to blow his nose — it was GROSS.
    Lesson learned, don’t willing take any “gift” from a two year unless you KNOW what’s in that grimey little hand.

    Still soaking the ICK away.

  5. Hula Doula

    Got to love it!

  6. Cele

    At least he is a six year old, it could have been worse, it could have been your date. Monkey is trainable.

  7. Meg

    LOL! My darling son wipes with the palm of his hand, up into his hairline. Eyebrows full of dried snot are SO attractive.

    When I pointedly give him a tissue, he wipes that up into his hairline as well. It’s only marginally better.

  8. David

    *snicker, guffaw, wheeze* Whoops! *snuffle, snuffle, snoooort*

  9. Kristen

    LOL! Yep. Please tape record and save for their engagement party.

  10. Mom

    Gee, my darling children never did that – at least not that I was aware of…


  11. tanyetta

    HILARIOUS! ewwwwwww…….but, then of course I’m good for wiping his nose with my shirt sleeve. double ewwww…..LOL

  12. kittenpie

    It all depends on how much snot you are used to. As I very snotty child myself, I have no problem dealing with large quantities and understand that sometimes, it’s easier to snort it back in then try to get it out, and sometimes, you’re just not going to make it to that kleenex. But vomit? Oh god, don’t get me thinking about it. We just had a major episode here and I’m still grossed out.

  13. jenn2


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