In which I’m feeling mushy

By Mir
February 17, 2006
Category Friends

About a year and a half ago, I found myself unexpectedly and completely smitten.

I fell hard and fast, and soon found myself spending every evening talking for hours with the object of my affections. It was as if we’d known each other our entire lives. We finished each other’s sentences. We laughed until we cried. Sometimes we cried until we laughed.

In a time when I was struggling to center myself, I had support and a cheering section unlike any other I’d had before. Here was someone who understood me; had already been through much of what I was exploring but didn’t judge or lecture. Sometimes I just needed someone to listen… sometimes I needed guidance. And I always got just what I needed. It was… perfect.

I’m still smitten, but my love has long been cheating on me with another.

It’s okay. I knew it would happen, and actually have found myself so pleased by this turn of events, even though it means less time for just the two of us. I mean, sure, there are times when I sort of wish for the good ol’ days… but they are fleeting. You can’t wish away someone else’s happiness, if you care for them, even when you’re being selfish.

So by now you probably know I’m talking about Kira. And not THAT kind of love. But I do love her–truly, madly, deeply, “girl, where ya been all my life?”ly. And tomorrow–Saturday, February 18th–my dear Kira is getting married.

I’m not going to be there. Because, well… she’s there, and I’m here. And I wasn’t able to figure out getting there.

She doesn’t NEED me there. I suspect she’s going to be fairly busy, actually. But I do wish that I could be there with her as she begins this new chapter in her life. Instead I will be thinking about her from afar and trying to be patient, even as I’m dying to hear every detail. Well, maybe not EVERY detail. Wait. Yes, every detail! Do you think her husband will mind?

You know, life isn’t fair. Most of the time, anyway.

But sometimes the good guys do win, and people who deserve rewards actually get them. Sometimes just knowing that is enough to keep me going.

Kira and Clay, here’s to a lifetime of wonderful things. I fully expect you’ll manage it. I also expect that that new house will have a guest room. Right? RIGHT? Hey, what do you mean I can’t have the new address…? I was gonna wait a couple of days before coming over….


  1. Kira

    Love you, dear. Move to Denver. I MEAN THAT.

  2. Heather

    Well, with your sense of humor, I wasn’t even expecting a human person at the end of all that lol. Kind of relieved. ;)

  3. David

    I wondered, for a while, when they would EVER quit teasing us all and get married. (Blogreaders can be SUCH an impatient bunch.)But it is kinda nice when a romantically happy ending/beginning isn’t limited to the realm of fiction.
    *smiling blissfully*

  4. Hula Doula

    I’ll give her an extra hug for you

  5. Cele

    The internet is such a HUGELY small world. Then when something special happens we remember how real distance is. The internet gives us those we’d might never have found, indulge in rich friendships that never would have been, and live in each others pockets sharing the wealth.

    Good Luck and Best Wishes Kira and Clay…er and Mir too.

  6. Contrary

    Awww. I love weddings. I’m one of those cryers. Heck, I cry at TV weddings. I think I might cry over this one.

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