Do it for the boobs

By Mir
February 13, 2006

(Not that I’m not enjoying wallowing in the self-pity of that last post, or anything, but….)

A big shout-out to my homegirl Holly (or Vermont Holly, as those of us down with the uber-hip New England lingo call her) for sacrificing a large portion of her weekend to help me with my latest project while I niggled and nitpicked and generally made myself an annoyance.

Anyway. My CafePress store is now featuring two new offerings, both designed to honor and support my upcoming 3-Day adventure. Surely you’ve donated already–because you’re just that pretty and you know that breast cancer sucks–but just in case you haven’t, or you also want to make a bold fashion statement, this is for you.

The women’s shirt is pink (natch) and asks if you’d walk 60 miles for ’em. The men’s shirt is a white ringer encouraging you to support your interests. Both shirts bear the Woulda Coulda Shoulda logo (of my cartoon children) and the 3-Day address on the back, as well as the proclamation that bloggers can make breast cancer history. All proceeds go towards the walk.

Donate. Shop. Fight.


  1. InterstellarLass

    Ah! Excellent tip! I’m going to talk to someone at my company to see if we can get together a corporate team.

  2. Sharkey

    Of course I’ve donated already! But I also wanted to do a little advertising for you over at my place. Because, you know, my traffic is ASTRONOMICAL.

    Well okay, not so much. But still! I think it’s great that you’re doing this, and your new shirts totally crack me up. Thanks!

  3. Holly

    Oooo, I like the space change on the women’s and the back Blogger thing. I hope you sell a bunch!

  4. bec 36

    Is it just my screen, or is the pink shirt kind of a rosy pink, rather than a cotton candy or Pepto pink? I ask because if the shade really is what it looks like on my screen, then I *really* like the color and would be more likely to buy/wear it …. thanks.

  5. Missy

    Just ordered the pink shirt – love the design! Although I am a little concerned about the comments I’ll get from “Nice, huh?”. These double D’s get enough attention as it is. ;)
    My Mom would have gotten a kick out of it though, and I’ll be wearing it for her. Thank you so much for what you’re doing!

  6. Stephanie

    I can’t wait to get my T-shirt! Great design. Of course, on me, people would ask, ‘what’s nice? what would I walk 60 miles for? oh! those? uhh….’
    Thanks for this opportunity to support the fight against breast cancer without having to walk 60 miles.

  7. Lou

    Your t-shirts owe me a pan of cookies! I got so distracted trying to figure out whether mine would fit properly under the “nice huh” or if I would need to draw an arrow downwards to denote the proper location, that I completely forgot about my son’s valentine cookies in the oven! Anyways – great shirts….distracting even!

  8. liz

    on a completely different, nitpicky note, i’ve never heard the word “niggle” and had to look it up. it SOUNDS like a dancing boob – you know, doing the nipple wiggle – the niggle. i’d much rather your boob (and anyone else’s for that matter) dance than ooze. hoping for boobpuspalooza to be over soon! :)

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