Espresso chip as panacea

By Mir
February 1, 2006

Y’all are so nice. And pretty! So pretty! Thank you for indulging my tantrum yesterday, for a tantrum is what it was. I’m better now. I mean, yes, WAH WAH WAH I DON’T LIKE THIS, it sucks to be told that something is wrong but they don’t know what or how to fix it. But in the grand scheme of things, I should shut up already.

Because, basically, there are three possibilities:

1) I have something awful and/or terminal, in which case I am wasting this period of blissful ignorance with worrying when I should be either shopping or eating chocolate.
2) I have something fairly run-of-the-mill and they’ll figure it out and fix it shortly, in which case I’m wasting this interim period with worrying when I should just go take a nap.
3) I have a little nothing that will be gone in another couple of antibiotic-saturated days, in which case I should drink a nice big cup of STFU and move on, already.

Well, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see which it is. Until then, come on over and have some ice cream with me!

So, um, today I… uhhh… slept a lot, felt my lymph nodes compulsively… and ummm… didn’t do much that was blog-worthy.

*looking around and scratching my head*

Yesterday Monkey had his 6-year check-up. I’m pretty sure he didn’t shut up the entire time we were there. I have NO IDEA where he gets THAT from. Of course, when HE does it, it’s charming. He is now a big strapping brute of… 41 pounds! That’s, like, I dunno, the negative 3rd percentile for 6-year-old boys. The child is skin and bones and big green eyes with foot-long eyelashes. He’s like a very chatty and adorable… insect. (Excuse me while I go put some more money in his therapy fund, now that I’ve verbalized that.)

Also his hearing is just fine, and apparently the thing where he shouts even when he’s standing right next to you is just due to unbounded spirit, rather than deafness. Is it bad that I was sort of hoping it was a hearing impairment?

And finally, he can tie his own shoes now. Provided you are willing to stand there for an hour or two while he does it. And maybe soothe him through a meltdown if the loops don’t come out right. But really, he’s awesome. I hardly ever fall asleep while waiting for him, any more.

Did I, maybe, at some point, mention that I sang this thing at church? Luckily it was recorded for posterity! And since I have nothing to say, I thought I might share the recording with you. Really, I just think it’s quite amusing. Partially because it’s such an amateur recording (actually done with a tiny microphone laying on a music stand right next to the choir) and the rustling of papers is a homey touch, and partly because–as the friend who was kind enough to provide said recording noted–you get to hear the “awkward and tentative New England church half-clapping” that follows.

Alas, the file is too large, so I cannot post it. Which is just as well, because really, it sucks. Nevermind.

Moving on!

One more thing, and then I’ll wrap up this sad excuse for an entry. Clearly I need more ice cream to really unstick my brain.

My walk donations have slowed down quite a bit, which I expected, I guess. Not to worry; I will be posting throughout my training and hopefully folks will continue donating… but I’m working on some ways to keep things going, too. One of my brilliant and oh-so-original ideas (ha! so funny!) is to add some stuff to my store that’s specifically marked as being intended to benefit the walk. That way, someone can buy a t-shirt and I’ll just donate the proceeds. I am SO SMART!

But other than “My friend Mir walked 60 miles and all I got was this lousy t-shirt” I’m a bit stumped for a design. I’m open to suggestions. Would you be more likely to buy one of the existing Woulda Coulda Shoulda items, knowing the profit was going to charity? Would you want something that specifically addresses the walk? Should I come up with something else altogether?

And no, there will be no “Boobpusapalooza” shirt, as tempting as it is….


  1. buffi

    Damn. I was really hoping for a “Boobpusapalooza” shirt. You know, you could charge like $60 for it and if someone really wanted one bad enough, then you could donate the money (as much as I’d like one $60 is too rich for my blood).

  2. Cori

    *plunking down on the couch* Hey, grab me a spoon and do you have any fudge sauce to go on this ice cream? How ’bout a cookie? (cause my info is never saved from one comment to the next.)

    I think you’d be surprised by the desire the internet has for a Boobpusapalooza shirt. Maybe you could just give it a second consideration…or not. I don’t have an original idea in my head so I know I’ll be no help in that department. My 8yo is built just like Monkey Boy, although I’m not sure how she burns it off since she is mostly sedentary. If only we could bottle up that metabolism…you could make a fortune on that in your store!

    Ok, I’m rambling and possibly embarrassing myself. I’ll be thinking of your boobs…wait, just take that in the manner in which it was intended.

  3. Zee

    Well rats, I was going to suggest the Boobpusapalooza shirt too.. Phooey. Just think – you could get copies of your doctors’ chart notes and use the perky boob drawings as part of the design! :)

  4. Mr. Fabulous

    Hedge your bets and kill two birds with one stone. Go on a massive chocolate buying spree, and then gorge yourself on it!

    Couldn’t hurt…

  5. Jenny

    what about a shirt that just said “walking the walk.”

    Or, “Mir is all about uplifting support.”

    Okay, or a combination:

    I’m wearing the shirt, Mir’s walking the walk.

  6. Jenny

    Oh! Okay! How about something like “I put my money where my boobs are”

    Or… um…

    Okay. I’m going to eat breakfast.

  7. Jenny

    Oh! Okay! How about something like “I put my money where my boobs are”

    Or… um…

    Okay. I’m going to eat breakfast.

  8. Missy

    I was just looking at your store yesterday and couldn’t decide what to get. I’d love it if you’d do something for the walk! And can you put it on a raglan too, perhaps?
    Love you and what you’re doing!!

  9. Jenn2

    I want a pink t shirt with perky cartoon breasts drawn on it. Maybe one of your doctors could donate the artwork? Oh and pink ribbons where the nipples should be. ‘Cause then my actual breasts could be about 3 feet below where the t shirt boobies are! That would be super fun. Oh and “These Boobs are Made for Walking” across the back! You know you want one.

  10. Aimee

    Now, see, Zee took my idea. Perky cartoon boobs on a t-shirt. Who WOULDN’T love that?

  11. Jessie

    Wow, those are some really good ideas already.

    Ummmm….how about….I got nothing. Sorry.

    Everything I keep coming up with (“I blogged for a cure”, etc.) would work best for you to wear.

  12. Cele

    I think you should use the drawings and then use all the donated slogans on underneathe in gradient size, followed by
    now let’s eat ice cream.

    Because ice cream makes the world go round. I’ve got three gallons of BJ’s Peanut Butter Cup, hopefully it won’t melt before I get there.

  13. Brett

    It’s a little wordy, but…

    Pink T-shirt

    On the front:
    You’ve offered them praise,
    You’ve talked about them to other people,
    You’ve even talked to them!
    You’re looking at them now.

    Would you walk 60 miles for them?

    On back:
    Susan G. Komen Foundation

    Totally trying to be risque and informative. Hope it helps lead you to a great idea.

    Mir, you rock.

  14. Marti


    Blogger has locked me out of my old blog. I’m starting over at:
    Enter the Laughter Redeux

    Formerly – Digital Doorway:Enter the Laughter

    Trying to notify all of my previous links. Trying not to think evil thoughts – LOL

    Happy Groundhog Day!
    I found a hilarious groundhog picture!
    I hope something wonderful ‘pops up’ for you today! LOL

  15. Amy-GO

    “These Boobs are Made for Walking”

  16. Nancy

    “BREAST CANCER SUCKS” on front; “That’s why we’re all in this walk together” on back.

    I am certainly hoping it’s scenario no. 3 in your case — but with copious amounts of celebratory chocolate and champagne.

  17. Aimee

    Wait, forget about the cartoon boobs. I vote for Amy’s idea. I would TOTALLY buy that t-shirt.

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