You don’t say

By Mir
January 27, 2006

(Special! Bonus! Friday! Mini-entry!)

Me: Hey buddy, I hear you got a time out at recess.
Monkey: … yeah…
Me: Wanna tell me what happened?
Monkey: No thank you!
Me: Yeah, um, it’s not really optional.
Chickadee: Yeah, Monkey, that was a returgical question.
Me: Rhetorical. And not exactly.
Chickadee: That’s what I SAID. *huffy sigh*
Me: Okay. Monkey? What happened?
Monkey: We were playing a GAME.
Me: And…?
Monkey: Miss Teacher thought I tackled C.
Me: Did you?
Monkey: No!
Me: Okay. Did C… fall down? And then maybe… you fell on top of him?
Monkey: It’s not like he was CRYING or anything.
Me: Oh, well then.


  1. ben

    Ha! He is great. Not like he was crying.

    Also, you can hear this way too frequently in my house:

    Parent: How about we change that poopy diaper?

    Child: No, thank you!

  2. dad

    Hey! I ask returgical questions all the time. It must be one of those traits that skip a generation.

    Thanks for the bonus.

  3. Bob

    he’s got the makings of the perfect politician.

  4. buffi

    Well, if he wasn’t crying, I really don’t see what the problem is. Those teachers. So nitpicky. And those mommies and their returgical questions. Sheesh, women, get off his back already!

  5. DebR

    I’m picturing Monkey saying “but Moo-ooom, he hit me back first!”.

    Returgical questions are my new favorite kind.

  6. Julie

    I’m fairly sure if the incident is void or tears and blood, then it doesn’t really count…at least that’s what I’ve been lead to believe from the smallish boy :)

  7. Cele

    It’s all in the telling.

    Oh, and I have it on good authority adults just don’t understand.

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