Win some, lose some

By Mir
December 22, 2005

Eight gift baskets made it out the door this morning. Yay! But I forgot that it was “Polar Express” day in Monkey’s class, and so he was not properly attired in his pajamas and was quite angry with me. Boo.

I was pretty much curled up in a ball of misery by the time I went to bed last night, between the neck spasms and the migraine. Boo. This morning my head is fine and my neck is better than it’s been in weeks. Yay! (I didn’t see him today, but I feel certain that the chiroquactor donned actual shoes today. I’m telling you, it’s the sandals that cause problems.)

After dropping the kids with their dad I ran some errands and managed to find the ONE perfect gift I’d given up on locating. (I’d substituted something else, but now I don’t have to.) Yay! But then I thought hey, I was SO LUCKY here at this store, perhaps I will buy myself a new top or something to wear on Christmas! I looked around for nearly half an hour and found… one top which was 1) low-priced, 2) borderline acceptable, and 3) the right size. It had a small snag so I set it down and kept looking… and when I couldn’t find anything I decided to go back for it. And it was gone. Boo.

While getting ready to do some serious! power! wrapping! this evening, I managed to give myself a deep and annoying papercut while grabbing a roll of paper. Boo. (I guess it turns out that I really AM a delicate flower. I suspect there is a pea underneath my mattress, by the way.) But then I overcame extreme adversity (extreme adversity = scotch tape constantly sticking to the band-aid on my knuckle) to wrap a gajillion presents in record time. Yay!

It’s been two months since Hairgate. I’m finally starting to get a little bushy. So I called and made a haircut appointment for next week. Yay? Boo? I’m scared. But bushy. But scared. But at least I know that Santa is bringing me a new hat….


  1. Bob

    another appointment. very brave. I hear that people are drawn back to the scenes of disaster. I’ll wait to see if there’s a post tomorrow, or if I hear an agonized wail from the north I’ll know what happened. have you a current will?

  2. DebR

    If you walk in to the hair salon and the stylist is wearing socks and sandals, turn around and RUN out the door. Seriously.

  3. Gretchen

    I HOPE you are going to a different stylist this time, didn’t you threaten to inflict bodily harm on your last hairdresser?

  4. Cele

    At beauty college, right after the earth cooled, we were taught there is just seven days between a bad hair cut and a good hair cut.

    1) They apparently never suffered a bad hair cut.
    2) They didn’t mention the three months of therapy needed to get past the disasterous event.

    Good luck, I back the bad sandles theory.

  5. serena (Of serenaville)

    Wow! Thing One had ‘Pajama/ Polar Express Day’ at her school too, but the day before. Somehow, I remembered to keep her in her bumble, and send her off with her favorite blanket, while praying I didn’t have that and the class Christmas party day mixed up. Don’t hate me? :)

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