Thanksgiving: a time for slaughter

By Mir
November 23, 2005
Category Friends

You know what aggravates me? You’d better sit down; it’s kind of a long list.

Kidding. (It really IS a long list. But lucky for you, I have one specific thing in mind.)

I hate it when someone whose writing I love has a blog but then hardly ever posts. I’m greedy. I WANT MORE.

The only thing that soothes me is that when the writing comes, it’s totally worth the wait.

Erica sure does know how to spin a yarn, folks. Go read, and when you’re done laughing, leave her a comment so that maybe next time she won’t go five months between posts.


  1. Kestralyn

    You forgot to warn us that it could be code red over there! Too funny ;-)

    How’s everybody doing in Mir-ville today?

  2. Elena

    Mir, Erica’s story made me laugh until the tears came to my eyes. Makes you want to gobble ’til you wobble, huh?
    Shameless self-promotion: come read MY blog! I post every day! No 5 month waiting periods! Free hotdogs and virtual popcorn for Monkey & Chickadee!

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