Sleep-deprived and sellin’ out

By Mir
November 22, 2005

The following is a paid announcement, in the sense that I accepted a $50 Best Buy gift card in exchange for my evaluation of a video clip. I am not the only blogger who was approached with this deal, and–to me–the terms were ones that I could live with. There are others who found the premise untenable, apparently. I’m not actually interested in bickering about THAT. Opinions are like… oh, you know. My understanding is that I’m encouraged to give my honest opinion, and that’s what I plan to do. Anyway.

I am surrounded by fevered children and popsicle wrappers and I am tired and cranky and during the only period of time today when I might’ve been able to sneak a nap, I sat at my computer waiting for a source to call me and the call never came (although once I tracked the person down, there were apologies, and I was professional about it instead of screaming “MY KID WAS UP PUKING ALL NIGHT AND I COULD’VE BEEN SLEEPING, BITCH!” which I thought was big of me, really), and in general I am just Not In A Good Mood.

But I’m willing to take some time out of my busy pity party for a bribe. Woo!

So here’s the deal: Best Buy had Mo Rocca do a video for them. It’s a Christmas promotional thing.

You can check it out here.

Let me start off by saying that I’m a fan of Rocca. He’s sort of annoying, but in a quirky way that’s often amusing. Plus he wears interesting eyewear. Dare I admit… I went into this thinking it was likely to be quite amusing, this video. Go Mo! Be quirky! Surely this will be campy and fun!

Um. Not campy. Creepy, really. I’m disappointed.

The video shows the “traditional” take and the “B side” take. The traditional one was… blah. I don’t have a problem with the song. I don’t even have a problem with Mo’s voice. (Actually, it’s almost too good. I’m a little disturbed that such a classic-sounding voice comes out of him. I was hoping he’d sound more like Weird Al.) The entire song shows him in the studio, sort of bopping along in a very restrained way, while the sound tech does the same. Ho hum. It’s not fun. It’s sort of weird, but most of all it’s boring.

The “B side” version is more of what I expect from Mo Rocca, but it’s SO over-the-top (ending with him ripping his shirt off, which–ewwwww) that it’s almost difficult to watch. It’s marginally more entertaining than the first one, at least, but in a passing-a-car-accident sort of way. (“I can’t avert my eyes! I wish I could stop looking!”)

Sorry, Best Buy. The jingle itself isn’t too bad. Maybe if it’s set to something completely different, visually. What I learned from this experience is that I have zero desire to watch Mo Rocca sing. Also that a cheesy and commercial Christmas song does not inspire me to run out and purchase electronics.

Now, I have a few pitiful little people to look after, so talk amongst yourselves.


  1. Suzanne

    oh god…make it stop! I think i’m sterile now!

  2. Jules

    Ya know…being on dial up I am usually disapointed that the challange to do such things is just too much for me to face..but this time I’m thinking I’ve lucked out just a little…I mean..especially since now Suzanne is sterile…hell..I was already sterile, I’m not thinking now being fertile would be in my best interest…exactly.

    Hoping the 2005 Fall Puke-fest is ending soon ((hugs))

  3. Kestralyn

    Oh… Chickadee got it. I’m so sorry! We’re all sending good thoughts and mental ginger ale and saltines your way. Here’s hoping the nasty fairy takes off before camping in your bed for a bit.

  4. DebR

    Are the BB folks actually thinking about airing those “songs” on TV? Aaaaiiiieeee! Good thing I’m familiar with the workings of my mute button. Now I just have to remember to avert my eyes as well. Bleah.

    Hope you all feel better soon!

  5. Marvo

    I expected so much from Mo Rocca before I saw that video, but all I have to say is, Mo Rocca has fallen far since his Daily Show days.

  6. Angela


  7. divinecalm

    Oh sweety, BIG HUGS to you and your family this Thanksgiving.

  8. shannon

    Wow. I agree that the first felt too plain and the “b” side was nothing exciting. I like the idea of Mo doing a goofy carol, but at the same time it’s like he’s sold his soul…

    Hope everyone starts feeling better soon!

  9. shannon

    Wow. I agree that the first felt too plain and the “b” side was nothing exciting. I like the idea of Mo doing a goofy carol, but at the same time it’s like he’s sold his soul…

    Hope everyone starts feeling better soon!

  10. shannon

    Patience, I need patience…sorry for the dupe post Mir!

  11. Shiz

    That was a train wreck. It sucked in more ways than I had thought possible.

    Best Buy is on clueless glue.

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