Red; repeat, RED!

By Mir
November 21, 2005

God grant me strength.

EDIT: Okay, I guess that was cryptic.

Basically I had this great day where I felt better than I have in weeks; I cleaned, I grocery shopped, I worked; the kids came home from school and we baked in preparation of Monkey’s Thankgiving play and “feast” tomorrow; we had dinner; and then while I was loading the dishwasher and the kids were (I thought) getting ready for bed, actually Monkey was puking his guts out.

To his credit, his aim was true. Huzzah!

I was patting his back and stroking his hair while he finished up, and Chickadee stuck her head in the bathroom and asked when we’d be leaving. “Leaving?” I asked.

“Yeah, you’re taking him to Daddy’s, right?” Well, what did I expect from the child who responded to exhortations to eat her breakfast this morning with a pointed stare through a kaleidoscope and a “WOW, Mama, you have about a million heads!” declaration?

I’ll let him stay, because he’s cute and pitiful. (I contented myself with leaving a phone message for my ex. “Hi! I hate you!”) But if I get sick, it’s off with his head.


  1. Pammer

    So. Very. Sorry.

    Am thinking good (non-nauseating) thoughts your way.


  2. alektra

    I am from an emetophobic household (my mother HATES the WORD). I am so sorry, and my mom is feeling for you right now. Or she would, but I’m not allowed to tell her things like this.

  3. Amy-GO

    OH, NOOOOOOOOOOO! Praying for the short-lived variety…

  4. Jules

    Ohh noo…damn that was quick….but yay!! for good aim! ((hugs))..distant far far away from the germs hugs…I hope it doesn’t go any further and tomorrow you’re back to having another good day…

  5. shannon

    I hope that you and Chickadee fair well and don’t “get” what Monkey has. Yea him though for that aim!!!

  6. DebR

    I don’t think it was very cryptic. As soon as I saw the subject header I was hearing those horrible alert sirens in my head.

    I hope Monkey feels better soon and his aim stays true until then. And I hope you and Chickadee don’t get sick!

  7. Kris

    When my 5 year old daughter tells me, “Momma, I need a puke bucket,” you bet your sweet ass she’s getting one. There’s no hurling on the beds allowed in my house, or they’ll be cleaning it up themselves. URK!

  8. Holly

    I see that the Google ads have picked up your blog content: Vomiting Treatment and Get Motion Sickness Help. Hilarious – Just the Google ads. Nothing funny about tending little sick ones when you are already sick.

    I hope that everyone feels better quickly.

  9. barbex

    Fun with Google ads:
    “Sick Pet
    Vet Techs, Pet Experts Available to Answer Your Pet Question Online Now”
    Made me giggle.

    Anyway, sorry that Monkey got sick, I just hope you get spared. Take good care of yourself!

  10. Kestralyn

    I’m with DebR – I knew EXACTLY what you were referring to. Hoping I was wrong, but knowing I wasn’t. Hugs to Monkey and I hope you and Chickadee stay free from this one.

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