Please do not feed the mental illness

By Mir
November 15, 2005

If I call to get my lab results, by all means, take my name and number so that someone can call me back.

DO NOT then call me back in ten minutes to cheerily chirp that the doctor will call me back tomorrow to discuss the tests.

Between that phone call and the next one I can come up with over a dozen scenarios involving great tragedy and that’s without even TRYING.



  1. Carol

    Ugh. Sonsabitches!

  2. MzAriez

    I just found your blog today. I’ll be back to continue reading.

    Have a good one.

  3. Heather

    Oh my. Can I use that line? Please do not feed the mental illness…I could use that phrase in so many situations it’s not even funny.

  4. Jules

    Only a dozen? You must be slipping ;)

    Ohhh..maybe you’re pregnant! Well…there’s 13 *snort*


  5. Melanie Lynne Hauser

    Wishing you a good “mental health day” today, Mir!

  6. Kris

    I’m with you, Mir! I’ve been facing some of the same crap for a few weeks now.


  7. Lori

    I hate when they keep you waiting like that. Dr’s office’s are the worst. Good luck with the results!

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