Doctor, doctor…

By Mir
November 10, 2005

Gimme the news!
I’ve got a… BAD CASE
of realizing that the medical industry may be just a tad out of control even as I rely on them for my very sanity!

(Damn, that doesn’t rhyme or anything.)

[But it does remind me to share this helpful parenting hint: If you have a child who gets really terrified when she has to have a shot, just pull her close, don’t allow her to look at the nurse, and start belting out “THE BEAR WENT OVER THE MOUNTAIN, THE BEAR WENT OVER THE MOUNTAIN, THE BEAR WENT OVER THE MOOOUUUUUNTAAAAAAIN! TO GET A FLU SHOT AND NOT EVEN CRY BECAUSE HE DIDN’T EVEN NOTICE BECAUSE HIS MOM WAS BEING A TREMENDOUS DORK!”]

{Holy parenthetical remarks, Batman. Gimme a sec… are there any other brackets on my keyboard I could maybe use?}


Offered as an antidote to yesterday’s post:

“Ask your doctor for a reason to take it.” Read the whole thing. Just put down your beverage, first.

(Shamelessly stolen from the lovely Snowball, because some things are just too good not to be shared.)


  1. Kestralyn

    OK, I’m done laughing until snot comes out my nose… That’s hysterical!!! Even funnier when you think about how many drug insert packets we’re all supposed to be reading these days.

    Oh, and I LOVE your flu shot distraction method. I may have to have someone try that on me the next time I give blood or need a shot ;-)

  2. Pammer

    THAT?! Was the funniest thing I’ve read in years. And I immediately emailed the link to my best friend who works in PR for biotech / pharm companies.

  3. alektra

    Can you come and do that when I have to get a shot? Because I guarantee Chicakdee isn’t nearly the chicken I am about the stupid things.

  4. buffi

    That is a riot.

    Also, geting my flu shot next week. Which day is good for you?

  5. Angel

    ROFL if only all my meds came with such humor attached ;)

  6. chris

    I am so glad you gave the warning to put down the drnk before reading.

    Too funny

  7. Niki

    Oh my – the medical establishment has finally come up with a cure for what ails me. I must admit that I’m a little worried about the EFTS. The thing I’m most worried about, however, is the reaction that woman is going to have when that man shoves the chili dog in her face!

  8. Theresa

    Thank you, thank you for the warning about the drink. Next time, I will remember to swallow the coffee too. ;)

  9. Monkey loves Kitten

    Holy Pharmaceuticals, Batman. I love that. I will take twice as many to ensure the dose is doubled. I will.

  10. Amy-GO

    *Pees pants laughing*

  11. Hula Doula

    BHAAHAHAHAHA…now does that work for adults too?

  12. meghan

    THAT was funny. Thank you.

  13. sleepingmommy

    It helps to make a fool of yourself. For some reason it completely distracts the kids. :)

    Your such a good mom, Mir.

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