Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades

By Mir
November 6, 2005

There is no higher high than the $89 top found on clearance for $6.99…

… and no lower low than discovering that it does some bizarre, impossible boob dissection.


  1. Monkey loves Kitten

    I hate the GD boob dissection trick! Tops that do that are made for women with no boobies whatsoever. I fall for it about once a year, though. Diabolical.

  2. Nothing But Bonfires

    You mean like the quadraboob? God, I hate that.

  3. Kestralyn

    Hence why it’s on clearance for $6.99. No human being could fit into it! My other pet peeve along those lines: gorgeous boots designed to fit the calves of stick figures who have never done an ounce of exercise of any sort in their lives. Hey there designers! Us ladies with LEGS would like some sexy-ass boots too! Preferrably those that don’t make us look like we’ve got sausages to go along with our quadra-boobs!

    Sorry — I was specific shoe shopping this week, and I guess I’m not over it yet.

    Hang in there, Mir!

  4. Amy-GO

    The $89 top for $6.99 is never, ever in my size. Even if there are 10 of them left on the rack. Sigh…I almost never win at shopping. It may have something to do with the fact that no major portion of my body is the same clothing size as any other major portion of my body. Sigh again…I’m just waiting for the Mumuu to come back into fashion. ;)

  5. Jenny

    No revenge is sweeter than reselling the former $89 shirt bought on clearance for $6.99 for a cool $15 on Ebay.

    I’m just sayin’.

  6. OrdinaryJoe

    I am glad to tell you there is a lower low. Discovering the impossible boob dissection after paying the $89 for the top.

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