My favorite crimefighters

By Mir
October 31, 2005

In case you haven’t been following things over at my other haunt, you might want to pop over and look at today’s post, which contains a picture of some very cool superheroes.

Have a spooktacular evening, everyone!


  1. Amy-GO

    Awesome costumes! And you were worried. Happy Halloween!

  2. Brenda

    Great Costumes! And being worn by obvious superheroes, who are normally in disguise as beautiful, perfect children who provide their mother with a lot of writing material. Raven’s my favorite Teen Titan. (Can you tell I have angst issues?)

  3. Chookooloonks

    HAH! They’re adorable. As a matter of fact, they’re so cute…

    ….I ATE THEM!!!


    Take that!!!!

    (Happy Halloween!)

  4. Nothing But Bonfires

    Now that’s a picture you can show their dates on prom night!

  5. Bob

    now that the kids are adults, halloween has turned back into a holiday for us! We decorated the front porch to look like a haunted house and we dress up to hand out candy. This year I was a mummy and my wife was a (very breastacular) vampirella. You can tell when you pull it off when the kids think you’re a statue until you move – just as they’re reaching out to touch. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA (read creepy laugh here).

  6. dad

    I feel, the world is a kinder, safer place with the likes of these superheroes out there to protect us all.

    There getting so big, and determined looking!

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