Why yes. . . yes, it is

By Mir
October 18, 2005

We all know how much I absolutely LOVE to have my picture taken. Yes! It makes me SO HAPPY. Not AS happy as prolonged vomiting, mind you, but slightly happier than, say, a rectal exam. (I’m pretty sure the sarcasm isn’t directly related to photography, but who knows. It could be a side effect of the PURE RAPTURE.)

Anyway, in spite of my deep love of various representations of myself in photos–which invariably yield something where I appear to either be swallowing my own chin or displaying my teeth to prove that I am indeed related to Mr. Ed–I was so excited today, I had to take a picture.

In fact, I sat myself down, poured a glass of wine, and pondered the wisdom of Mrs. Kennedy. I concluded that she is indeed a very wise woman. Cuz, you know, I hear someone else is thinking of selling “Having a BMI of under 20 is the best revenge” t-shirts and it’s just not taking off at all.

Please join me in a toast!

Raise your glass with me, and can I get a hearty AMEN! please? That’s right. I only regret that I don’t have longer arms, so that I could have an entire head. But you see, I make sacrifices for those I admire! Let’s pretend it’s a Halloween theme! I’ll go get my skeleton socks!

I realized, after looking at another of the pictures I took (I snapped a few, then sat down and played “which of these do I hate the least?”), that… I almost need another haircut. Why didn’t any of you warn me about this whole short hair thing? The part where I have to get my hair cut like, every MONTH? What a pain in the butt. Between the coloring and cutting… well… I’m just thinking I should be feeling a lot more beautiful. Or receiving a bonus gift periodically. SOMETHING. Hrm.

And… ummm… yes, admiring my new shirt pretty much took up my entire day. Oh, I also had some nachos. They were good.

I’m going to stop talking, now.


  1. Sandee

    You’re so pretty!

  2. buffi

    I think you look fabulous. It is a very good picture.

  3. Jules

    Soo…what you’re saying is
    longer arms = more head?

    Wonder who we can get to try this theory out? ;)

    Great pic daahhlink! I still totally loooooooooove the haircut!

  4. Michele

    I’ll shout out that Amen baby. I totally need one of those tshirts and she’s out of medium.

    How wrong is that?

  5. Mrs. Kennedy

    Argh! Mediums will be in tomorrow!


  6. Leanne

    Hey! Princess House!!! WooHoo! What is that, Blackberry Merlot? :P~

    Oh. Did you say something about a haircut? I don’t think so. It’s still pretty. When the hair around your ears/glasses gets all freaky and birdlike, THAT’S when it’s time for a trim. hehe!

  7. Monkey loves Kitten

    I’m just jealous of your glass of wine. My mom is visiting right now and none of my liquor is safe. I’m afraid to open a bottle because I know I’ll get less than half and I think we all know that a bottle of wine is a serving for one. If you need me, I’ll be in the closet with my secret stash.

  8. udge

    You are very cute this evening (well, it’s morning here but you know what I mean).

    That BMI thing seems pretty dubious, my ideal weight is apparently 124 pounds – for 6’2″ tall. WTF?

    The “too many teeth” effect you mention is an artefact of the closeup wideangle-lens held at arm’s length, everybody looks toothy in extreme closeup. Try putting the camera farther away e.g. on a bookshelf, with a slight telephoto zoom, and use the self-timer to take the pix.

  9. udge

    … not that you have too many teeth, or anything. Just ‘cos you mentioned it.

  10. chris

    you are pretty!

  11. Jo

    You look great! And young, and therefore, I’m jealous. ;-)

  12. ben

    According to my comments, I’m pretty much the “token fat fuy” of our little corner of the blogger world.

    Which of course comes from eating too many donuts. Let’s talk about you:

    You look fantastic! And certainly the shirt has a point: it _is_ the best revenge. Being thin and writing well? Nobody can stop you now.

  13. Amy-GO

    Lovely! And WAY too skinny! (She says, as the waistband of her fat jeans slowly cuts off her circulation…) I’m gonna go bake you another pie. ;)

  14. divinecalm

    You look fabulous and I just love your glasses…both wine and eye.

    Cheers to you!

  15. Bob

    Boy, you look terrific. I think that men in the northeast are blind as a bat (and stupid to boot)not to have snatched you up. Around here, you wouldn’t have been unattached for 5 minutes.

    Great picture. And your haircut really suits you. Wine looks good too! As they frown on imbibing during the day, I’ll return the toast tonight.

  16. Elisson

    Why, Mir – you’re lovely!

    And those glasses rock.

  17. Mary

    You’re so cute!

    I have skeleton socks, too, but I had to get the kind with the smiling, dancing skeletons because anything remotely scary would creep me out. In fact, even though the skeletons are cute, I still prefer the candy corn socks when it comes to Halloween attire for the feet.

  18. Steve S

    You set the bar kinda high. I don’t know if my arms will be long enough.

    But I raise my glass: Here’s looking at you kid!

  19. Angel

    LOL I hear you about the short hair thing–colored my hair last week, got it cut today.

    You look nice (and you look alot like my younger sister).

  20. Jenny

    You are gorgeous. It’s like Mrs. Kennedy had you in mind when she designed that shirt. I’m curious what Mrs. K is going to do with all her new disciples… we’re the fussy army.

  21. alice

    I know you hear this all the time, but you have a fabulous rack.

    Not to mention great glasses!

  22. Chookooloonks

    You look fabulous, darling. And in a fit of fussy envy, I’m in the process of ordering mine. Of course, I’m going to have to try to look better than you in my photo …

    …so I’m planning on holding up the ENTIRE bottle of wine, with a bendy straw.

    Take THAT!

  23. jenB

    AWESOME! beautiful.

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