By Mir
October 17, 2005
Category Job? Huh?

Remember last week when I mentioned going off Unemployment? No, I did not take another full-time job. But I have officially surpassed what I qualify for in Unemployment, purely on freelance contracts. For those keeping score at home, I started this little adventure in earnest approximately 6 weeks ago.

Pardon me while I give myself a pat on the back. And a cookie.

Speaking of cookies, I hope you’ll come visit me at one of my newest gigs.


  1. Bob

    So. This is where you go when not blogging me. You’re blogging someone else. And to think all of the dedication I’ve given you, all of the support I shown. When I think of all I’ve done without so you can blog and now I find the other blog. How humiliating this will be when the others find out what you’ve done behind my back. I won’t be able to show my face – well not my face, noone sees my face around here – my name. I won’t be able to post my comments without someone snickering.

    Oh, well – you see where this is going. blah blah blah, fill in the blanks.

  2. Lizzie

    Congratulations, Mir!

  3. Zuska

    *pat, pat, pat*

    You deserve many pats on the back! Congrats!!

  4. bad penguin

    That’s awesome. Congratulations!

  5. udge

    Congratulations and well done.

    <little voice>Um, does that mean that we here don’t get any more cookies? sniffle, sniffle</little voice>

  6. Amy-GO

    So. Not. Shocked. Congratulations, you writer-girl, you!

  7. alice

    I am patting you, on the back, gently at first–and then a little too hard, until you tell me to quit it. Huzzah!

  8. Theresa

    Congrats and good luck!

  9. Snow

    Excellent! Except I couldn’t leave a comment there. It wouldn’t let me.

  10. Marti

    Congratulations! So you landed one of those paying “pro-blogger” jobs? That is awesome! Best wishes to you!

  11. Hula Doula

    Here’s a cookie hon. You deserve it!

  12. Jenny

    Hooray! Another place to read Mir-isms… and they are paying for the honor!

    I’m very happy for you!

  13. joaaanna

    That’s fantastic – yeah for you!

  14. mme.p


    I just ‘found’ your blog recently and have read a ton of it — love it.

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