By Mir
October 13, 2005

Monkey: If you love Mama more than apple dumpling cake, raise your hand!
*he raises his hand, while his sister stares out the window*
Chickadee: I’m not raising my hand.
Monkey: Well I am! I love Mama more than cake!
Me: You didn’t even LIKE the cake.
Monkey: Right, so I love you more!
Me: Thanks.
Chickadee: I didn’t raise my hand because I think I love that cake more. It’s sooo good!
Me: Okay, so let me get this straight. YOU love me more than cake you hate, and YOU would rather have a piece of cake than a mother who loves you. Wow, I feel special.
Chickadee: Don’t worry, Mama. I still need you to GET the cake for me.


  1. chris

    Bwah hahahaha!!!

    Cuteness is a survival mechanism.

  2. DebR

    Ok, this one should have had a Spew Alert at the top! LOL!!

  3. Melanie Lynne Hauser

    Well, at least they still think you’re necessary! Wait until they become teenagers…

  4. Bethiclaus

    Oh snap! Did you scream? Or laugh? Or cry?

  5. Colleen

    Oh my goodness. I don’t know if I would have laughed or cried.

    Isn’t it funny how kids have no sense of compassion or sensitivity???

  6. laura

    Dude, cough up the apple dumpling cake recipe already. I want to see if *I* like it better than I like my mother.

  7. Amy-GO

    And again I say…ummm, recipe? Thanks.

    Isn’t it nice to know where you stand? When, say, calculating the amount you’re going to spend on them at Christmastime? *cackles evilly* ;)

  8. ben

    Everybody is just reading your blog to get your recipe…

  9. Jenny

    OMG. I love those kids, even when they’ve got their priorities messed up.

  10. debby

    It is nice to still be wanted..or needed.. or something..

  11. Zuska

    Just for fun, I checked with my two: there isn’t anything in the world MegaBoy loves more than me, but CurlyGirl could name a gazillion things, including geckos, old sneakers, and wilted lettuce.

    So I really need you to post that recipe so I can drown my sorrows…

  12. susan

    To be an official geek that should be 0 \/\/ |\| 3 |>. :)

  13. Birch

    If I said I loved you more than apple dumpling cake would you post the recipe already?

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