By Mir
October 10, 2005
Category Friends

That news that wasn’t mine to share? The cat’s out of the bag.

There are all kinds of people in this world. Some walk by us as we journey. Some place obstacles in our path. Some walk with us for a bit. And a very special few make us remember why we’re travelling in the first place.

Go give a virtual hug to my darling Kira, if you can pull her down from that cloud for a minute. This sort of happiness is rare, and hard-won. I dare you to read her entry and not melt a little.


  1. Kira

    Thank you, sweetie. You are a princess among friends.

  2. Michele

    I don’t even know Kira and that made me CRY.
    Past, present and future! BEAUTIFUL.

  3. shannon

    I also felt the trio of diamonds (which are gorgeous and I forgot to mention at Kira’s site were gorgeous…crapdammit!) ANYWHO I thought they were also a symbol of the three boys.

    Me, I’m lucky enough to have a ring that makes my finger break out almost everytime I wear it now. And this is 5 years after the wedding…6 years after wearing the one that was my engagement ring…what gives?!?

  4. Zuska

    That TOTALLY made me melt, and more than just a little.

  5. Genuine

    Hey jam that cat back in there….we’ll teach that cat! Lousy stupid cat.

  6. buffi

    How wonderful! Doncha love it when good things happen to special people like that?!

    You are a ood friend.

  7. buffi

    And? You are a Good friend, too.

  8. dad

    You’re right!
    I melted.

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