I think it’s the red socks

By Mir
September 25, 2005

So, I thought I’d post about something really intellectual to offset that last post. You know, both to reestablish myself as the sort of person who concentrates on the important things in life… and to alleviate the incredibly squicked-out heebie-jeebies I apparently get from being sent anonymous porn in the mail.

But, uh, I worked 15 hours yesterday; and now the season premiere of Desperate Housewives is on. I’ve got nothin’. And I can’t admit how excited I am about DW being back without looking even more pathetic than usual.

Plus, that guy who dances around in that Diet Coke commercial to “I like the way you move” is a gigantic dork. I mean, really, a HUGE NERD. That commercial is just painful and embarrassing.

I may have just a very small crush on him.


  1. Crazy MomCat

    HA! Delurking to say I hate that commercial!

    I hope you caught the season premire of Housewives. It was good as usual. Oooh…Alfrie Woodard’s son (the new neighbors) is quite the eye candy. I am also drooling over Patrick Dempsey in Grey’s Anatomy. Except, I keep remembering him in “Can’t Buy Me Love” in the 80s. Still…he’s aging quite well!

  2. DebR

    People say stuff like that about commercials and I have no idea what they mean because I always mute commercials. (I love the mute button. I want to give a big, wet, sloppy kiss to whoever [whomever?? naw, I think whoever] invented the mute button. Now I feel the need to look for the red sock guy and watch it with sound.

    I thought DW was pretty good, except I kept expecting to see Bree do something dramatic when no one was watching. She seems to me like she’s got to explode sooner or later.

    Sorry to hear you got icky surprise mail. Surprise mail should be things like pie, and books, and shoes, dammit.

  3. Jill

    hi, just found your site yesterday and think your writing is great.

    i’ll be back – but don’t worry – i am very lazy about sending things in snail mail…

  4. MelissaC

    I also might have just the smallest, the teeny-tiniest, crush on him too. I was actually trying to analyze my reaction while watching the commercial for the second time, thinking “What is it that’s appealing, what IS IT?” No idea, it just IS.

    Hi, I’m a dork. Back to lurking now.

  5. Jenny

    I have a little crush on redsockboy, too! (Actually I kept thinking of Chris RudeCactus when I was watching that commercial. And he belongs to Beth. Although he is totally crushworthy, IMO.)

    Anyway, all my affection is now directed at Jason Mraz. Poor guy.

  6. Elena

    GAaaaH! I totally missed the DH premiere. By Sunday night I HAD to get out of the house so I took my son to the Mexican restaurant up the road (against his vociferous pleas for McDonalds that were overruled by my urgent need for a frozen margarita, no salt) and then I went to Walmart for Granny (cue saintly music here) and THEN I picked up the baby…and by the time I realized it was over…sob, sob.
    But I did read the new People last night and I totally thought of you, DebR, ’cause they had a small article about the winner of ROCK: INXS.

  7. Heather

    I have a pair of fuzzy red socks too, and so I kinda relate to the crazy guy on the commercial. I relate well to crazy.

  8. Africableu

    Missed the commercial, caught the show – so thrilling. That Bree is my hero – chilly, neurotic, neat – at least I’ve got the NEUROTIC part down.

    I’m so glad she took that ugly tie off of Rex…

    Darn. My Sundays are now officially “taken” again. (And Wed. because of “Lost.” And when is “Scrubs” coming back on?)

    I watch too much t.v.

  9. blake

    I have been searching in vein for someone who can help me identify the man in this Coke commercial. If it is the same one I’m thinking of – a guy (who looks a bit like Coldplay’s Chris Martin) in a slim fitting black suit dancing around a loft apartment? If that’s the one you’re talking about, I think that guy is either Mark or Michael Polish. One of the twin filmmakers behind NORTHFORK and TWIN FALLS, IDAHO. Google them or check out the films and tell me if you agree. [this would mean that your crush is well justified – those guys are genuises]

  10. Donnetta

    Anyone vwho thinks the coke man in the red socks is a nerd need a totol eye exam he is totaly HOT he candance in his red socks anytime for me i would love to find the commercial on the net

  11. Ken

    I AM IN LOVE WITH RED SOCK GUY! I am really desperate to know what his name is – but I saw the commercial and the reason I watched is because I have an apartment in NYC very similar and wondered if it was my building. Its not but regaurdless… I LOVE HIM! Hes SOOO CUTE!!!

  12. Erica

    If anyone finds out who the guy in the Diet Coke commercial is please email me and let me know. God he is hott =)

  13. Erica

    Ok everyone, I found out who the Diet Coke guy is… Drum Roll Please =)

    His name is Paul Papadakis. He was in some smirnoff and tooth paste commercial. He also has some small parts in a few movies.

    His site is http://www.paulpapadakis.com

    Hope everyone enjoys!!!

  14. Kate

    thanks for the red sock site! he is worth watching over and over…will he be doing any more coke commercials? lets hope more dancing

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