I think I need to lie down now

By Mir
September 21, 2005

I’ve had a busy day, and it’s only 11:30.

This is what I did right after my shower this morning.

Then this happened.

So I came home, and played compare and contrast.

Come to think of it, this was different, too.


  1. Karen

    HAH! It’s fabulous, darling! Welcome to the Sisterhood of the Shorn, where sexiness isn’t about peering from behind an unkempt mane, but instead about daring your prey to look deeply in your eyes! Where men are led by the irresistable urge to kiss the back of your bared neck! It’s a whole new world, baby!


  2. Amy

    Wow, very brave and drastic! Don’t know if I would have the guts to do that!

    It’s going to take a while for me to get used to you without long hair though.

  3. ben


    And, what Karen said. Bared necks — rowr!

  4. KimberlyDi

    Way to go girl! Think of all the shampoo you’ll save. All the minutes saved blowdrying. Give it a few days, you’ll love it.

  5. Lizzie

    I think short hair is way sexy…and that’s my totally honest and biased opinion ;o)

  6. joshilyn

    OH it is SASSY. 2 thumbs WAY up.

    You are a glamourpuss.

  7. Heather

    OMG I absolutely LOVE it and I am not kidding! My mouth hung open and all I could say was WOW!
    Good choice despite your friend who tried to talk you out of it!

  8. Michele

    Very brave. Much more brave than I could ever be. It suits you, in fact, you look simply wonderful – of course you looked simply wonderful in the before picture also.

    I have missed visiting here. Shame on me for taking so long to stop by.

  9. Dawn

    I like it! Although, I am feeling your pain, for I did the exact same thing just a few months ago. Give it a day or two – it’ll be OK. I promise.

  10. Angela

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!!!! WAY kicky/sassy and just screaming to be paired with some yummy FMBs.

    Wow…..can I be a goddess in training? Do you give lessons??

  11. Fraulein N

    Very cute! It’s a good look for you!

  12. Northern Girl

    Pretty before? Yes. Pretty after? Very, very.

  13. Sheryl

    Holy Moly, I audibly gasped when I saw your hair on the floor– appropriately signifying major changes happening at Chez Mir! Woot!

  14. Jules

    You look faaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhbulous darlink!

  15. Jenn

    You? Are pretty!

  16. Cindy

    I absolutely love the new you! I’m jealous! The new ‘do gives you that timeless, classic look of sophisticated beauty!

    I’m going to go make a hair appointment now. After seeing your new look, my hair seems blah.

  17. Shiz


  18. Bob

    WOW! Very different. Your new look is glamorous, sexy, get the hell out of my way ’cause here I come ready or not.

    New look for new Mir – confident, self-employed, kicking ass & taking names.

    I’m scared…..

  19. Amy-GO

    LOVE. IT. Welcome to the Short-n-Sassy club! We’re VERY exclusive, darling, and SO popular. You’re going to fit right in! ;)

  20. Mike



    Unable to face (hot, sexy, just vrrrrrrrry nice!) reality, slips back into a dream of times and long locks long past…

  21. shannon

    Very good! With stick straight hair (I’ve never understood that phrase since sticks aren’t very straight) I look like a boy with short hair (if you can look past the boobs…which most can’t)…anyway, YOU. ARE. PRETTY.

  22. Elena

    You go, girl! (warning: outdated slang, I am no longer cool!)
    I cut my hair from waist length to Ally McBeal bob a few years ago (now I stick to the blah I can’t afford a hair salon look because I am not a MILF) and when the hairdresser made a ponytail of all my long lovely hair and whacked it off I had to put my head between my knees until a kind staff member found a paper bag for me…YOU LOOK GREAT!!!

  23. LB

    Looks great!

  24. udge

    Very nice.

  25. Sarah

    Adorable! I am so completely envious of people who can pull off that length.

  26. Fuzz

    You look great! I just cut mine a helluva lot shorter than it’s been for years and I’ve decided I really like it (she says after hyperventilating for 2 days).

  27. Jenny

    You look gorgeous with your new sassy hair! I really like it! Is shows off your lovely features.

  28. laura

    How totally cute are you??? VERY!!! I absolutely love it. You are STUNNING.

  29. alice

    Hey! That’s good! I approve!

  30. Leanne

    Mir! Holiest of craps! Are you alright?!

    You’re so pretty. SO pretty, you know. I bet if you compare the back of our heads, yours is WAY prettier than mine. In fact I’m sure of it!

    Wow. Oh! And nice shirt, too!!


  31. stephanie

    Wow! Check out that jaw line, beautiful!!

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