A slightly whorish antidote to crickets

By Mir
September 16, 2005
Category Detritus

Oh, the chirps from the last post, THEY ARE DEAFENING ME as I sit here working and wishing for email to distract me.

So. Two quick things:

1) Apparently Cafe Press is running some Summer Blowout thing right now that is only good on women’s apparel (sorry, guys, but this is the winter of your discontent, or something). This means that if you are a GIRL and want a GIRL’S T-SHIRT, you should clicky clicky on the side there and go buy one for $2 less than usual. Then you will be both pretty AND smart! (Disclaimer: I believe the discount will work on the white ladies’ shirt but not the colored one, doubtless for some Very Important reason known only to the Consumer Shirt Deities. I don’t make the rules.)

2) If you are one of the VERY BEAUTIFUL people who has purchased from my dorky little store, please remember to send me a picture. I am easily amused! Indulge me!

Oh! I lied. There is a third thing, although it is not whorish.

I swear before God and Amy’s pie and everything else which is holy in this life that I saw this guy waiting for a BUS yesterday. Perhaps his license was revoked?

I resisted the urge to honk and wave. But I would be lying if I said I wasn’t sorely tempted.


  1. shannon

    We used to drive by people, honk and then wave in the opposite direction. I always wanted to see what their reaction was, but that would defeat the purpose…although I’m really not sure what the purpose was. :)

  2. Bob

    So why should my not being a girl prevent me from taking advantage of a sale? As I am constantly being told, I am saving money when I purchase items on sale. (the additional savings of not buying at all, as I am also told, is totally beside the point). Therefore I am duty bound in support of my budget to clicky clicky.

  3. Karen

    NOOOO!!! You didn’t honk and wave?!? Why didn’t you honk and wave??

    I demand you get in your car and circle the bus stop until you see him again, so you can honk and wave! I mean, seriously, doesn’t one weird turn deserve another?

  4. ben

    From the “I Suppose There’s a Reason They Won’t Let Me Run the Asylum” department…

    I’m still holding my $$$ for the “Woulda Shoulda” ‘Monkey Business’ thong (half-off would be great, btw)

    Retail therapy, indeed…

  5. The Other Dawn

    No, no, no! Don’t just drive by and honk and wave. Drive by S – L – O – W – L – Y and wave and go around the block and drive by S – L – O – W – L – Y and wave and go around the block and drive by… you get my drift. Much more annoying and approprite.

  6. chris

    I think you should sell the thongs if ben agrees to post a picture of himself wearing it ;-)

  7. Amy-GO

    I sooooooo would’ve honked and waved.
    I’m all for Chris’s idea. C’mon, Ben, indulge us! ;)

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