I am the Alpha (but probably not the Omega)

By Mir
August 27, 2005

Dogs: obeying, yet gaseous.

Floors: mostly dry.

Ant baits: not tasty doggie treats.

“Where’s your CHICKEN?!”: rapidly replacing “I bite you!” as favorite child-phrase to the dogs.

Barbecue: 1) at someone else’s house, 2) foodtastic, 3) pool, pinata and bouncy house included, 4) yes I DO like pina coladas.

Shoulders: burnt.

Kids: exhausted; see also, sleeping.

Saturday night: ponderous and melancholy.


  1. The Other Dawn

    Aw. It all sounds good until the “melancholy” part. Wishing the melancholy away. Remember, you’re PRETTY!

  2. susan

    Melancholy precedes growth. Keep your chin up!

  3. Bob

    Time to break out blazing saddles and a big bowl of ice cream. Or maybe young frankenstein. mel brooks is frequently a gloom breaker around here. And remember, your ass needs ice cream almost as much as your bones do.

  4. Jenny

    Mmm. Pina coladas.

  5. Zoe

    I’m more a fan of getting caught in the rain myself…

    Sorry. So very, very sorry.

  6. Amy

    Melancholy? The dogs are LEAVING, right? Cause for celebration in my book! Smile!

  7. shannon

    I must say that the “I bite you! I bite you! Now you bit me! I bite you” was running through my brain all day yesterday…too funny!!!!

    This is why we only have one dog and two cats. And don’t you love it when bbq’s are foodtastic?!?

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