I’m not Supermom, but I know where she is

By Mir
August 23, 2005
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I’m a bit talked out after the last few days. Hard to believe, I know. Shut. UP.

Today my dear sweet Monkey had to have blood taken, and I daresay the lab tech had never before heard a parent soothe a frightened child with, “It’s okay, sweetie. No one’s going to stick anything up your nose.” He was a champ, though. Chickadee put her arm around him afterwards and whispered, “I totally would’ve cried. Good job, buddy.”

ANYWAY. I’m always a little nervous when people start making comments about my mothering. Good or bad, my knee-jerk response is I’M NO SUPERMOM! I’m just… a mom. But I’m always fascinated with this concept that there is some sort of perfect maternal ideal to which we all aspire, consciously or not.

That’s why it’s SO LUCKY for all of us that Melanie Lynne Hauser has written this little book called Confessions of a Super Mom. It was just released and promises to be an entertaining read, even if it might not actually hold all the secrets of attaining Mom Divinity. Melanie has a fun blog, too.

Go visit her and say congratulations and buy a copy or three of her book!


  1. chris

    My son had to have blood drawn two weeks ago and I daresay he was braver than I usually am.

    And I would totally wait in line for an autographed copy of any book you write :-)

  2. emily

    When my middle child was about 2,she had to have blood drawn.They strapped her in the “papoose board”.She popped her elbows out of joint and got herself out!lol.The Dr. said he had never seen that before.

  3. LL

    Ok,you can be just a mom and I’ll compliment your kid, how’s that?? That may be the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard a big sister say to a little brother. Aaaaw. What a sweetheart. (BTW – things like that are a reflection of your mom skills, so you don’t get out of it that easy. bwahahhahhaaa!)

  4. Marti

    OH heck, who wants to be SuperMom anyway? The damned cape has to be dry-cleaned – LOL

    Sounds like you’re doin’ just fine…

  5. Gabby

    Well, you should feel great. My girls would never be so sweet to each other. The big one (18 in 3 weeks)calls the little one (9 next month)Snake Nose and the little one call the big one Pizza Face. Last time one of them had to get a shot, the security guard at the clinic had to help us hold her down. You could hear her screaming all over the place. Needless to say, I was just dying of embarassment. People were giving me the evil eye when we left. The moral of the story is….you are doing great! Your blog gives us single moms strength to go on. I just love your outlook on life.

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