Blunk drogging

By Mir
August 12, 2005

Kira is here! I great big giant puffy pink heart her. So much. Really. And not just because I’ve had a fair amount of wine. I swear.

I am fairly certain that the energy created by the three of us all in one place has disrupted the earth’s orbit.

ANYWAY! Kira is talking to her boys in the phone, which has necessitated a break in our studious viewing of The Butterfly Effect. I ran upstairs and grabbed my computer and was only drunkenly confused by its refusal to start up on account of my dead battery and the cord being unplugged for about five minutes. I think.

Joshilyn is just as drink, I mean drunk, I mean drunkened, as we are, and yet, she can follow this movie, somehow. She is astutely untangling the not-plot while Kira and I stare at her through a haze of wine. And she declares the various nuances of the “story” (it has Ashton Kutcher, does it even qualify as an actual story?) quite decisively, ala “If I am wrong, you can make me drink another glass of wine! And if I am correct, well, you can please fetch me another glass of wine!”

They are now discussing smurfs. I do not know. I’m not sure it’s just because of the wine that I don’t get it. But we all seem quite happy. And really, I think Ashton is drunkerer than we are.

Joshilyn has demanded that I not mention Sunday School and nipples in the same sentence, by the way. Ooops! Kira did not impose any restrictions. Tomorrow we are going to eat grits. And I am quite excited. Hopefully Ashton will not be there, because he’s gross.

I still have not seen a single butterfly in this stupid movie. But Joshilyn has discerned so many plot twists that would not have occurred to me… I shall forevermore only watch movies with her commentary. And Kira’s.

Pictures tomorrow. And perhaps Tylenol.


  1. Amy

    Ooooh, I liked that movie! Perhaps I should not be so quick to admit that? Ah, well. Ashton doesn’t do it for me, though – why didn’t y’all pick something with my man Taye in it? *grin*
    Still so jealous. More so now that I know wine is involved! Have fun!

  2. ben

    It’s like MST3K in blog form!


    Have fun, y’all…

  3. Bob

    GRITS! you must be drunk.

    I with you on the Ashton Kutcher thing. He doesn’t do anything for me either. But Smurfette is another matter entirely.

    (Y’all leave a little wine in Georgia for the rest of us.)

  4. Pam

    Sounds like you’re having a great time. I am happy for you. You deserve some stress free time away. Oh yeah, I think you are an awesome mom.

  5. Melanie Lynne Hauser

    Well, I commend your Friday intake of alcohol- having just returned from dinner, at which I consumed: one martini (on the rocks, which I didn’t ask for but oh well), one and a half glasses of FABULOUS pinot noir, and a chocolatini.

    Whoo hoo! Fridays rock!

  6. Hula Doula

    How super that Kira is with you all. I’m so jealous. What a fun party. You could have come here and met all of us as well! Now that would have been fun!
    Anyway…I would have given anything to be a fly on the wall while you were drogging!

  7. cmhl

    ohhhh, spooky movie!! did you like it?

  8. Elisson

    I went to Paris, where I got drunk
    With that most learned Professor Ruhnk.
    I went to Hamburg, where I got drunken
    With that more learned Professor Ruhnken.

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