By Mir
July 16, 2005

Do I really have the right to say “take your finger out of your nose” to a child whom I’ve allowed to spend the entire morning watching cartoons in nothing but his underwear?



  1. DOG

    of course you do. you’re still the boss.

  2. Crystal

    What’s wrong with cartoons in your underwear?? Saves mommy some laundry! My kids would live in only underwear if it wouldn’t get us funny looks!

  3. CindyInAtlanta

    Naked cartoon watching with finger in nose….that’s how you know it’s the weekend!

  4. Mary

    Depends on if they were clean underwear or dirty underwear. If the underwear is clean, I say you have every right.

  5. Kris

    Depends on where the other finger is.

  6. Jules

    That’s one article of clothing more than mine had on durring morning cartoons today… :)

  7. Summer

    Of course you do. After all, the finger-in-nose behavior is something that could be repeated in public, but you’re unlikely to let the kid out of the house wearing nothing but underpants. You’re allowed to nip in the bud anything that might embarrass you in public in the future.

    One of my son’s best friends, age three, has an odd self-comforting routine: he sucks his thumb with his forefinger jammed up his nose. It’s an odd look, but extremely efficient.

  8. Jenn

    I would say sure you do. It shows you are still the authority figure. Unless of course you were sitting there beside him in your underwear with your finger up your nose. Then, not so much.

  9. kanensara

    Of course! Luckily the finger in your nose they grow out of, but the watching cartoons in your undies they don’t. I have a much hairier version of my son that does that same thing every Saturday morning.

  10. ben

    You’re asking me, the guy who spent half the day surfing the internet in his underwear with his fingers up his nose, for an opinion on this?

    I’m glad you’re not my mommy!

  11. justdawn

    Of course you do!!!!
    That kinda thing is what we are here for- nose picking policing.
    Oh the joy.

  12. Heather

    Of course you do. You’re the MOMMY. ;)

  13. Cori

    Hey, there are manners and then there are MANNERS! There are rules and the important ones are the ones that could embarrass you!

  14. Shiz

    Oh YES. Of course you do. You have any right you want.

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