Friday Flashbacks: I scream, you scream…

By Mir
July 1, 2005

… we all scream for ICE CREAM!

What can I say? Summer’s here. Tis the season. Tonight I found myself eating ice cream with friends, and reflecting on the stages of my life as displayed in my choice of frozen dairy confection.

I’m deep that way, you know.

Tonight’s flavor was Sandwich Cookie Snowstorm, I believe, which was not bad. It wasn’t quite as good as the flavor I REALLY wanted, which was Ice Cream Sandwich (someone used to make that as a flavor in a half-gallon, but I haven’t been able to find it in ages; I think it was Edy’s), but it did the job.

As always, join in and share your proclivities. I’m deep and voyeuristic, apparently.

* We ate at Friendly’s a fair amount when I was a kid, and they had the ice cream flavors up on the board. I was very pleased with myself the day I read off “Mocha Chip” and asked my parents what it tasted like. Unfortunately, I pronounced it “mah-cha chip” and I was mercilessly teased because of this for YEARS. Of course it became my signature flavor, and I ordered it (with correct pronounciation!) without variance for a very long time.

* My only break from “mah-cha chip” was when we would hit the 31 Flavors at the mall. There, it HAD to be the bubble gum ice cream. It was so messy and laborious to extract the gum pieces and lay them on a napkin while eating the ice cream, but OH the reward of finishing the cone and shoving all forty-six pieces of gum in my mouth at once! That ice cream (or maybe it was the mega-mouthful of gum) gave me a headache every single time I ate it. And I kept on ordering it.

* As I grew older, I became a purist. Coffee ice cream was simple, seemed grown-up (although I really am hooked on the taste of coffee, and I think it’s genetic because Chickadee already loves coffee ice cream), and was available everywhere. It’s still one of my favorites.

* I waitressed at a diner one summer when I was in college, the 7-3 shift. On good tip days I would stop at TCBY on my way home and get a cup of white chocolate mousse and raspberry twist frozen yogurt. It was about 95 degrees in my apartment most of that summer, so good tip days made me verrrrrry happy.

* During what we shall fondly refer to as the “killer PMS years,” I fell in love with two men: Ben and Jerry. Coffee Heath Bar was my drug of choice until they came out with Chubby Hubby. Then I fell into a fat-and-sugar coma and subsequently died, but I didn’t care.

* Since my divorce I’ve become a wild and crazy wanton woman, sampling whatever ice cream catches my fancy. I know, I’ve become loose. I’m sowing my wild oats. My latest love: black raspberry chocolate chip, especially if it’s this one local brand which is so smooth it’s like eating silk. If silk tasted like raspberries and chocolate. Actually, I’ve never eaten silk, so I’m going to shut up now. It’s good. And smooth. The end.


  1. Sharkey

    It is Edy’s that makes Ice Cream Sandwich–we buy it all the time in PA. Yum!

    Dairy Queen was my family’s ice cream of choice when I was a kid. The thing I remember most is dad steering with his knees so he could eat his shake on the way home.

  2. Bob

    I remember going to the A&W drive-in as a child and getting my two favorite things at one time – a root beer float.

    Yesterday I had a dilly bar at the Dairy Queen.

    In between, I can recall discovering at different times the bliss that is Dove bars, Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey, Bryer’s all natural vanilla and best of all homemade peach ice cream made on a hot summer afternoon on my grandpa’s back porch using peaches picked off of my grandpa’s peach trees.

  3. udge

    Ah, yes, ice cream sandwich bars. I was allowed one as a Friday treat while my parents were doing the grocery shopping (anything to stop the kid asking questions), and my love for them survived into adolescence when I’d save my lunch money to buy them.

    Thre is a very good ice cream parlour near where I live now, handmade by genuine Italians; on sunny evenings I get a chocolate and straciatella waffle cone and walk to the park.

  4. Shannon

    Edy’s still sells Ice Cream Sandwich in my neck of the woods (Northwest NJ). And it IS yummy! Speaking of Friendly’s, I grew up loving their Butter Brickle, which I have not been able to find in years.

    I am addicted to ice cream. I’ve never even seen black raspberry chip, but I’m drooling just thinking about it. If you love coffee, you MUST try Starbuck’s ice creams. Java Chip ROCKS! And I’m a HUGE fan of the Dairy Queen Blizzard.

  5. notdonnareed

    When I was little, my favorite place in the world was Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour. They served exotic sundaes with names like Pike’s Peak, The Trough, and Gold Mine. On the way out, you had to walk through a little candy store, and I always bought an enormous jawbreaker. It was sugar heaven.

  6. kanensara

    I absolutely love DQ’s Fudge Brownie Earthquake!! Too bad it makes me sick everytime after! :( It was especially good when they were out of some of the stuff and they put extra oreo cookies! CHOCOLATE!!!!

  7. Jenny

    When I was an adolescent and had braces, every time I went to the dentist to have them checked, or adjusted, he would write me a prescription for a free double-dip skyscraper cone at the local Village Dairy store. I always picked mint chocolate chip. I have known and loved many flavors of ice cream. Ice Cream is one of my basic food groups. The very best one that I remember was “Mounds” flavor, after the chocolate-coconut candy bar. I only had it once, as it was so very good, I was afraid of blimping out if I ever had it again and couldn’t stop eating it.

  8. Dawn

    A new discovery in my area (wisconsin)..COLD STONE CREAMERY…
    OMG!! I just gained 5 pounds by saying it. Anything you can imagaine STUFFED in your ice cream.

  9. aderyn

    When I was younger, I stuck with strawberry, because I was afraid of everything else. As I got older, I moved onto Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Moose Tracks, etc, etc. Now, I’m not a big ice cream fan, but I do love Coffee ice cream. Mmmmmm.

  10. Carrie

    Give me chocolate or give me death. Generally I get a marshmallow cream sundae with world class chocolate ice cream when I go to Baskins and Robbins. I wonder if they have one in this town. I’d like one now.

    My very favorite flavor of all time is chocolate cheesecake, but it is almost impossible to find. When I used to go to summer camp we’d stop at this ice cream stand that is just kind of out in the middle of no where and that was the only time I’d be able to get that flavor for years. Then one day I found it being sold at the ice cream shop inside the mall, but they only had it for a week only. I have found a recipe for it, but making homemade icecream is way too big of a pain in the ass.

    These days I buy a lot of Ben and Jerry’s Brownie Batter Ice Cream and try to tell myself that it’s all for the baby (I’m pregnant)>

  11. Cori

    I’ve never been a huge ice cream fanatic but, no lie, every day for six months in 8th grade, I ate an Its-It cookie sandwich. Mintchip ice cream, oatmeal cookie, dipped in chocolate. It’s the only time during those years that I was even in the realm of a healthy weight. If only there was some kind of reverse Its-It that would melt that kind of weight off…

  12. Beth

    Dawn, you’re in Wisconsin… what ON EARTH are you doing eating a national chain ice cream??? You need to find Babcock’s Dairy… or order some! That’s the dairy on the UW-Madison campus, and WOWWWW! do they make good ice cream! My second semester of grad school, we had to have one of our classes out in Babcock Hall (it wasn’t a big program, there just wasn’t room for us in our building for some reason), and we’d always take a half-way break and go hit the dairy bar in the building. They do an orange custard chocolate chip that’s to die for!

    Here’s the
    Can’t have it delivered down here to OK in the middle of the summer… it wouldn’t make it ;-(

  13. Jess in Nova Scotia

    One of the great things about being pregnant in Canada was the ice cream – stuff I never heard of in the States. Candied Ginger. Grape-Nuts. (Yes, the cereal.)Tiger Tail. (Orange ice cream, striped with licorice.) Coconut Cream Pie. Peach Cobbler.I still really miss Ben and Jerry’s New York Chocolate – the stuff with the chunks (and they were HUGE) of dark and white chocolate. Got me through many a bad boyfriend.

  14. Jenn

    Oh, yes! More than once I have crawled into bed with those two men, Ben & Jerry! There was a time I would’ve sold my soul for a pint of Everything But The…

    Excuse me. I need to go to the store and get some RIGHT NOW. ;-)

  15. Bakerina

    Oh, Mir…that black raspberry chocolate chip of which you speak, that wouldn’t be Emack & Bolio, would it? E&B moved into New York about five years ago. There’s one in my neighborhood, and whenever black raspberry chocolate chip is on the frozen yogurt list, I run, not walk, to pick up a pint. It is indeed good. And smooth.

  16. Leanne

    I’ve shared with you my adoration over Godiva’s White Chocolate Raspberry.

    Ben and Jerry, they caught my attention lately with one they call “Dublin Mudslide”. You have to try this one, Mir. I guarantee you will love it and have to have one every day. Not saying that would be the best thing in the world to happen to anyone really, but OH. MY. B&J’s goes on sale here 2 for $5 and I’m all about a nice Dublin Mudslide followed by Fudge Brownie Batter.

    On more “my life is so pitiful I can’t stand it” days, we get Godiva. :D

  17. Amy

    I just got back from eating ice cream with Jos! Which is NOT on the virtue diet! But I’m a bad influence that way. She kept saying “you’re going to Hell” in between mouthfuls. Hee, hee.

    And I’m all about chocolate rasperry truffle. The Godiva version is Better. Than. Sex. Even if you’re doing it right. Period, the end.

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