I’m a little teapot

By Mir
June 16, 2005

Actually, I am just a little tired, and a little sick of being sick or whatever it is that I am, but any time I start a sentence with “I’m a little…” I have the overwhelming urge to finish it off with “TEAPOT!”

So you’re all so, so pretty, and kind, and I, I am a little teapot. I hope to someday grow big and strong and maybe be a coffee urn once I’m back on my feet. I’m told it’s important to have goals, so there you have it.

Until then, thanks for having my back. Shiny new pennies and Ativan for each and every one of you.


  1. dad

    “…Ativan for each and everyone of you.”????

    I don’t think the world can handle the possible side effects of a general population with temporarily impaired memory, drowsiness, dry mouth, loss of energy , inability to focus and unable to operate heavy machinery.

    Hey Mim, there are a lot of people out there that love you and even more that take solace in the way you communicate about dealing with adversity. We’re all telling you to stop feeling guilty and take care of yourself.

    You know where I live.


  2. Jenny

    Mwah! Keeping you in my thoughts, sweet Mir.

  3. Jules

    Hey dad, have I mentioned lately I’m available for adoption?

    Listen to dad…he knows his stuff :)

  4. Dawn

    A teapot huh? I don’t know about you but I got the short and stout part all wrapped up!

    Get steamed up and shout, girl! And feel better soon…

  5. udge

    So you’re taking a drug which is known to cause certain side-effects, and think that the appearance of these side-effects is due to a defect in your personality? Something’s wrong with that picture.

    Be kind to yourself, cut yourself a little slack.

    And FWIW some of us prefer tea to coffee.

  6. Heather

    I’m totally gonna have the teapot song stuck in my head all night now.

  7. Amy

    I am experiencing computer problems and so I’m just now catching up with you – sorry you’re having such a tough time! It sounds like you could definitely use some stress relief…I suggest jumping up and down on a certain music director while singing “I’m Just a Girl who Can’t Say No” at the top of your lungs…you could do this at the wedding instead of whatever you were supposed to perform! Two birds!
    Oh, I am SO going to hell.

    Lots of shiny happy thoughts your way…

  8. alektra

    A friend of mine once sang:

    “I’m a little teapot
    Short and stout
    Here is my handle
    Here is my… other handle.
    Hey, wait! I’m a sugar bowl!”

    I bet the kids would like that…

  9. ben

    Must. Lose. Song.



    “Jeremiah was a bullfrog
    Was a good friend of mine…”

    I wish you joy. If only for a little while, you need a break from feeling like a vessel. (did you know if you look up “pot” in the thesaurus you’ll find sinkage and depression? Neither did I. So I quit looking it up)

  10. Fraulein N

    Hope you’re feeling better soon. Take care of yourself, okay?

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