Wrong answers

By Mir
June 14, 2005

Me: Wow, that was really nice of you, Chickadee. Monkey, what do you say to your sister?
Monkey: BOOGER!
Me: Monkey!
Monkey: Sorry.
Me: What do you say?
Monkey: Thaaaaaank you–
Me: Better–
Monkey: –wiggy wiggy wiggy BOOGERS!

I’m thinking of opening my own finishing school.


  1. Kestralyn

    So… the problem is that he’s “wiggy wiggy wiggy”-ing without the proper music? I’m not following here ;-)

  2. Mom

    I didn’t. I DID NOT raise her that way. NOT. DIDN’T.


  3. Karry

    Ha! I had to read that one twice to finally see the last line.

  4. mark

    And the youth will talk to their own in the next room, conveniently forgeting their elders.

  5. ben

    He was doing fine, but that last wiggy was just uncalled for.

  6. laura

    In addition to my “wear the same color clothes everyday at work for a week” experiment, I’m going to walk around muttering “wiggy wiggy wiggy” under my breath. I’ll report back.

  7. sharon

    You go, girl!! :)

  8. Elisson

    Not just Boogers!

    Not plain old Boogers! No, no!

    Wiggy Wiggy Wiggy Boogers!

    (Damn – and I’m already happily married…)

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