Sometimes the grass is browner

By Mir
June 6, 2005

I’m so overwhelmed by nothing and everything, right now, that I’m not sure I could write anything coherent even if I wanted to.

Actually, I don’t really want to. And that’s either one of the signs of the apocalypse or that I am in serious need of some Good Drugs. Maybe both.


I’ve just discovered Hell’s Kitchen on Fox, and it’s the first thing in three days that has distracted me from the very busy work of completely losing my mind. This show needs to be on all the time, I think. I mean, I may be freaking out, but at least I’m not trapped in a kitchen with a crazy guy who makes me clean squid at 6:00 AM and then tells me what a worthless idiot I am.


  1. La Pix

    Yes, sometimes the grass is burnt to a savory, or maybe unsavory, crisp.

    One benefit of New England compared to the west, Sistah. Green grass for long into the summer.

    Careful with tha deep breathin if ya gots allergies tho. ;)

  2. ben

    Was that on tonite? Damn, I missed it. I saw the first episode, and commented to my lovely wife “They’ll make anything into a reality show.”

    She then voted me off the island. Double damn.

    “create your signature dish”

    I would have turned up with Chicken McNuggets.

  3. chris

    Oh my goodness, I watched that last night also and thought the same thing as ben. I was laughing at how stressed out everyone was. You are cooking food people not doing brain surgery.

    My signature dish would have been peanut butter and jelly with the crusts cut off, you know for that extra bit of class.

  4. laura

    Hmmmm. My signature dish…me!

    I haven’t had the pleasure of watching Hell’s Kitchen yet. The commercials for it stress me out enough.

  5. Cori

    The next time I’m really dissatisfied with a restaraunt experience I’ve decided to order pizza delivered to the table. I nearly wet myself laughing at that.

    Sorry you are feeling so much pressure. I hope you are able to find something else to take your mind off of that until the next episode.

  6. Heather

    Just so you know, somebody else is sympathizing with you right now. Today is my parent’s final divorce hearing, and I’m just a bundle of nerves.

    And deep breathing definitely isn’t working for me either.

  7. Karry

    Know what makes grass green? Dog deposits. If it’s brown, that must mean there’s no poop in your vicinity. It’s a good thing, really.

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