Tidings of great joy!

By Mir
May 20, 2005
Category Detritus

Good news!

Fortified by the view of GAZILLIONS of those TINY swarming ants all over my garage door as I pulled in, I have located the missing ant traps. I carefully broke them apart and placed them equidistant around my home (read: I wrestled with the plastic disks until I ripped several of them in half, then flung them into every corner).

Then–just to be safe–I took out all the trash, cleaned the kitchen, and bleached the children.

I’d invite you in to admire everything, but I’ve decided not to open the door again until winter.


  1. Jenny

    This is one of the reasons I don’t like summer all that much.We have ants in our second floor bathroom! I think they come for the mouthwash. I have to look at the toilet seat before I sit down! They come into the shower with me. We have clothes moths throughout the house, and we’ve had to resort to hanging up flypaper so we can get our hair stuck in it. I cannot take a shower without constantly being on the lookout for hornets. They like to get me in the shower cause then I’m naked, and they have their choice of where to sting me.

  2. Joshilyn

    So. Y’all yankees have two seasons then? Winter and Ants? In Chicago we had Winter and Construction. In Florida we had only ONE season: Giant Roaches. Some people broke it into two though: Meltingly hot with Giant Roaches, and Mildly Cool with Giant Roaches.

  3. Sarah

    This year seems to be the year of the tiny swarming ants in Chiago too…which, unpleasant as it might be, is very much preferable to year of the earwig (which was last year).

  4. ben

    I’ll be humming the Pink Panther theme for the rest of the day

    Dead ant

    dead ant

    dead ant dead ant dead ant dead ant

  5. Jstar718

    LOL! Yes..I live in Phoenix,AZ
    and I swear the whole city is on top of an ant pile!

  6. Mellie Helen

    We used to live in the Antelope Valley, and it must not have been so named not due to four-legged deer-like creatures. That place was Ant Ville, USA.

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