The force is with me

By Mir
May 14, 2005
Category Friends

The teensiest of updates, as a lead-in for what’s to come:

Arrived; though not without sirens and flashing lights and a couple of tears that I had to suck back into my eyeballs before they escaped.

Shopped; Joshilyn was clearly the day’s winner in terms of pure bargain nirvana, but I now possess some aubergine tuxedo-pleated pumps that made me want to make out with myself a little bit when I put them on.

Clarified; to a certain someone that it was most certainly NOT okay to walk two miles to your own signing out of an unwillingness to “bother” anyone by finding out whether arrangements had been made for transportation.

Laughed; harder than I have in a long, long time. A dear old friend on one side, a dear new friend on the other, and something about grub puppets. I think.


  1. Amy

    GREEN.WITH.ENVY. And not just over the pumps, baby. Hope you’re having a fantastic time!

  2. Kestralyn

    She DIDN’T! Jeese, Mir! That’s why we let her out with you… we figured you could keep her from catching her death of too-Southern idiocy!

    But you had fun? Wonderful! And you know we want to see the shoes! Aubergine tuxedo-pleated pumps… could be lovely, could be odd. We’ll just have to judge ;-)

    I’m so glad you had a wonderful weekend; you deserve it!

  3. Shelley

    Glad you had a good time!

  4. dave

    Hopefully the joy of the shoes offset the pain of the sirens and flashing lights. Apparently after your contribution to the Policeman’s Ball, there was still money left for shoes.

    Gotta see the shoes.

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