Final tally

By Mir
May 8, 2005

1/2 an umbrella. They say it’s an entire umbrella, just really small; but I have my doubts.

1 nightgown. Perfectly acceptable. My children understand that sleep makes me happier than almost anything else.

1 unidentifiable gardening-type carrier… thing. Tags removed; mystifying. It has snaps in weird places. Is it meant to be worn? Hung? Attached… somewhere? No one seems to know. (The ex: “Well it’s for your gardening, um, stuff. I think.”)

1 card made at school where “Happy Mother’s Day Mama” had been pencilled by a teacher, than traced over painstakingly with wobbly blue marker.

5 pieces of fusilli glued to paper and backed by a magnet. Cuz nothing says Mother’s Day like pasta you can stick to the fridge.

4 english muffin halves with triple berry swirl cream cheese. They said they’d share with me. They lied. I went to church hungry.

3 carnations. One in every color. One for each of us.

2 major spills. (“Why did you have a cup of water in the playroom, anyway?” “I was thirsty. Duh.”)

942 buttons pushed. So. Tired.

1 migraine. (The umbrella wasn’t a whole lot of consolation, but the hugs and kisses helped a little.)


  1. jules

    Happy Mothers Day!! :)

  2. Kris


    Happy Mother’s Day to you!

  3. Kira

    Happy Mother’s Day to one of the greats. Love you.

  4. Chickie

    I feel your pain about buttons being pushed. By about 9:30 a.m. I was ready to give all the kids baseball bats and let them have a death match in the garage. But I decided that Mother’s Day was an inappropriate holiday to indulge in such sports.

  5. Katie

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  6. Mom

    If it folds into various shapes but has a flat bottom, it’s a carrier for your car trunk – to keep stuff from sliding around and such, Or maybe it’s for your gardening, uhm, stuff. Who knows? I do love a good mystery!


    P.S. I got a great buncha photos from my grandkids. Many thanks to their mother. Hehe.

  7. Michele

    I’m late but wanted to wish you a happy mom’s day anyway.

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