Name that object

By Mir
May 7, 2005

In honor of Mother’s Day (early), I felt the need to take a snapshot of one of those little things that matters the most.

Can you identify this object?
(Hint: you probably can, if you’re a mom.)

Mystery Object

Okay, have you made your guess? Don’t peek until you’ve guessed.

The answer appears below the fold.

NO CHEATING! You’re supposed to make your guess FIRST.



Happy Mother’s Day, everyone.


  1. elswhere

    I am guessing, no, identifying that object with absolute certainty before clicking on the fold, because I just deposited my child on an IDENTICAL object to watch TV. Well, identical except for the juice stain on ours.

    ***[click, click, click]**

    But hey, ours doesn’t have its own turtle! No fair!

  2. alektra

    I’m glad to say even a non-Mom like me knew it was Monkey. :)

  3. lee

    Here I thought it was a beanbag chair, bummer

  4. dave

    I knew it was Monkey. Dizzle knew that Monkey was wearing a Franklin mask.

  5. MoMMY

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  6. Shelley

    Happy Mother’s Day! Here’s hoping your little Turtle Man is good to you today.

  7. Amanda B.

    Happy Mother’s Day, Mir!


  8. ben

    Happy Mother’s Day!!

  9. Zuska

    I’m so ashamed. I thought you had re-upholstered a Boppy!

  10. s

    Hey we have those Scooby Jammies too! Sneaky little boys are so cute!!

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