This is where the days start to smush together

By Mir
May 3, 2005
Category Detritus

So, it occurred to me today that Mother’s Day is this weekend.

THIS weekend. As in the one that’s coming.

Good thing I was already way ahead in my planning! And had done… ummm… all of that… STUFF… that one does… for Mother’s Day! Yep! No worries, here! Alllllll taken care of! Hi Mom!

Does anyone want to guest blog for me while I just go run over to Hallmark for a minute…?

I’m kidding, of course. I can’t run out to Hallmark now; they’re closed. Besides, we’ve already established that I never have any stamps.

Mother’s Day is almost upon me, and then comes Memorial Day, and before you know it, school’s out for the summer. And I’m working full time and so of course I’ve made some sort of care arrangements for the kids for the summer. Of course. OF COURSE I HAVE! Really. And, hey, look! Something shiny RIGHT OVER THERE!

Arrangements need to be made. Some mundane, some more important. When I look ahead, I see crossroads. And I’m pretty sure I dropped my compass when I was looking at that shiny thing, earlier. In the meantime, I can’t stop looking at where I am right now or I’ll run off into a ditch.

On those rare occasions when I manage this elusive thing known as “going with the flow,” I feel like I always end up waking up with a start, realizing I forgot to set my alarm and I overslept by several hours. Is it any wonder I am loathe to “flow” when it so often ends with panic?

I wonder if calm acceptance and preparedness are mutually exclusive, or if this is just a, er, feature of my particular life.

Apropos of nothing, but as long as I’m going along with the travelling metaphor: I have the cure for what ails you! Well, only if what ails you is that you’re hairy. And you really think that everything in the world should be written like an automobile manual. But, hey, if THAT’s what ails you, I’m your gal. Rather, these people are for you. I received a free sample in the mail (cuz, hey, I have hair) and when pondering my life becomes a little too much, I sneak out the owner’s manual that came with my package and laugh myself silly. I am particularly enjoying the picture of the crocheted cozy! These are people who know how to rock!

Anyway, where was I? Oh, right. I was getting ready for Labor Day…


  1. udge

    Sounds pretty much like my life, except that I have been living with days that blend together for years now. Last year was subjectively about fifty days long.

    You must be really young if it’s just starting ;-)

  2. Leanne


    Something shiny????

  3. ben

    For mothers day I’m gonna get the kids out of the house for a while so my wife can have a nap.

    I was thinking about the movies, but the kids all voted for “Sin City” and I may have to re-direct to something a little easier for the under-seven set to handle.

    Wow, that is shiny, isn’t it?

  4. Amanda B.

    That vibrating razor is skirry. I can’t even shave without severing an artery with a normal razor. That’s not made for people like moi. :D

  5. jules

    When iw as a kid, we used to go to the YMCA for day camp. It was kind of cool because you got to swim every day,an dplay sports and go on field trips. That’s where I first met my high school arch nemesis…tammy.. argh.. I can STILL hear how she over-pronounces her S’s..

  6. KJ

    Monday I said to my husband, hey–we can do something for Mother’s Day this year that doesn’t involve overnight mail!
    Tuesday I said: we can still make it!
    Today I’m thinking, hey, two-day mail is still pretty cheap.
    Guess what we’ll be doing tomorrow?
    I don’t know about you, but even though I’m wearing the Mother’s Day necklace my son presented me with at preschool this morning, I still think of Mother’s Day as primarily about my mother. And I hope to feel that way for a long, long time.

  7. vicki

    The key is to go with the flow at a frantic pace so you don’t drown. I got all excited when I clicked: I was going to get that razor and give it to mom but the offer expired.

  8. carolyn

    One word: PROZAC

    The breakfast of champions!
    (Well, that was realy more than one word)

  9. Mom

    Hi Mir!

  10. dawn

    you rock…i am THERE..
    lets talk

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