Put away your books and take out a #2 pencil

By Mir
April 17, 2005
Category Detritus

1) When is the first official day of Spring in New England?
A) March 20th.
B) Opening day at Fenway.
C) Chickadee’s birthday.
D) Wait, they have Spring in New England?

2) What clues could you look for that indicate Spring has arrived?
A) The snow bank in the yard has finally melted, revealing all the pine needles that didn’t get raked up in the Fall.
B) School puts up a big sign saying “PLEASE TAKE ALL BOOTS HOME.”
C) People you haven’t seen since September come outside.
D) All of the ice cream stands reopen.

3) Entomologically speaking, Spring is known as the season of…
A) Ants.
B) Yellow jackets.
C) Mosquitoes.
D) Shut. UP.

4) Which activities indicate that Spring is here to stay?
A) Washing the parkas, snowbibs, hats, and gloves and putting everything away.
B) Running the rest of the gas out of the snowblower, and gassing up the lawnmower.
C) Cleaning the car–top to bottom, inside and out–in shorts. In the driveway. Where people can see.
D) Wearing white shoes to church.
E) Wearing white open-toed shoes to church.
F) Leaving the window cracked at night (even though it’s getting cold) to listen to the frogs and crickets.

Ummmmm… I’m grading this one on a curve, so it really doesn’t matter. You all fail unless you bring me ice cream and tell me I’m pretty.


  1. Nic

    Really? Gosh here in Texas- wait, never mind. I believe I’m supposed to shut it right about now…. We do have fire ants here though, can’t really imagine that helps any.

  2. Shelley

    You lost me at the bug question, so I guess I didn’t pass. But the sun is shining! And I wore OPEN TOED shoes to church! Yay spring!

  3. udge

    The first sign of spring for me was to see bats flying in the evenings. Last night I saw a weasel (yes, in the middle of the city) so that makes it definite. Hay fever season will start any day now.

  4. chris

    spring in michigan is when the family’s kleenex consumption goes UP from that in winter. yuch! (but hooray for ice cream!)

  5. laura

    Spring is when the sidewalks, cars, driveways and other flat surfaces are covered in yellow oak pollen. a-CHOO!

  6. dad

    OK, you’re pretty and you can treat yourself to hagen daz on me.

    Only six more months til winter.

  7. Philip

    What flavor? And you’re soooo pretty!

  8. Katie

    D, A, A, B. I have cookie-n-cream ice cream and oh my, doesn’t your hair look so shiny and pretty today!

  9. Fraulein N

    You? Pretty. Ice cream? On its way.

  10. Lizzie

    No, you’re not pretty….you, my dear are gorgeous!! What flavor?

  11. ben

    We know spring has arrived here since everyone has a sunburn.

    And ice cream – I didn’t know what flavor, so I’m sending one of each. The truck should be there soon (I told the driver to look for the “pretty lady” and he knew EXACTLY where to go)

  12. Delia

    We in the UK know it’s Spring when the sun shines as it’s raining. The ice cream doesn’t know whether to melt or dissolve.

  13. Amanda B.

    I would gloat about the weather here, but since it will be a muggy sweltering 103 degrees soon, I’d better keep my trap shut. :D

  14. Shiz

    You are pretty! Have some ice cream!

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