Party time (almost)

By Mir
April 14, 2005

Tonight was time to Prepare For The Party. On account of, I require Crafty Friend to assist with these sorts of things, and this was the night she could come help me. The only other option was Friday, and as the party is on Saturday, that seemed to be cutting it a little close, even for me. As of today, we have 6 girls coming to the bakery with us for the party. And also I believe there was a bottle of wine, tonight. Not sure. It’s gone now. (What time is it? Crap. This work thing, it’s cutting into my blogging. Right now? While I’m writing? Still tipsy.) (See how inebriated Mir manages to focus the picture perfectly on… the tabletop. Wow.)

You know how the mother guilt drives me into the land of arts and crafts where I SO do not belong. But you know, I go to the craft store and buy stuff and then pretty much just cross my fingers and hope it works out in the end. Usually it does. Or I’m too drunk to notice. I’m not really sure. Anyway. We had wine to decorate and aprons to drink! I mean, aprons to decorate and wine to drink. I mean, damn, it’s good that Crafty Friend holds her liquor better than me. Look at her go! And what little girl doesn’t want an adorable, personalized apron as a party favor? Not a one, I tell you. COME ON. There’s GLITTER here!

We drank our wine and assembly-lined those puppies through our “design process” (read: she did the names, I did the other stuff) and before you could say “wow, you have absolutely zero artistic talent,” we had them done.

Anyway, you can’t have a party at a bakery and send the girls off to bake cookies in their nice party dresses without aprons, right? Right. They don’t need to know that they were decorated by two tipsy women discussing the PTA and handcuffs. Um, those are two separate topics, by the way…. (Dad, I am totally kidding! We discussed the PTA and DIETING! Also how great it is that I am always forcing her to come assist on craft projects I’m incapable of doing!)

tb.jpgDid I mention that in addition to the aprons, I decided that the perfect favor for a bakery tea party is a toothbrush? I’m a geek, that way. Sure, you can put a bottle of glitter fabric paint in my hand, but I’m still a MOM. Alas. Anyway, I’m guessing the fab little bags may detract from my utter practicality, at least in some part (click on the sucky party favor to see the festive method of conveyance).

Some day, they’ll appreciate the stuff I do for them, right? Or at least they’ll join me in a glass of wine while we laugh about it?


  1. alektra

    How did you manage uploading the pictures and puting them in in such a nice fashion? Wow. Color me impressed!

  2. chris

    GLITTER rocks the house for little girls, and they won’t notice if you’re hung over!

  3. Katie

    I think you may have a new Olympic event on your hands, Drunk Crafting! (Scissors not permited.)

  4. Marlen

    What a cute goodie bag! And I love the toothbrush and apron ideas. Too cute. I hope your daughter and her friends have an absolute blast. Too bad you live so far away. I would get you and your Crafty Friend to bring the wine and come to my house at the end of May to create something fabtabulous for my soon to be 3 year old’s princess party. Because I am glutton for punishment that way, too.

  5. Zuska

    PLEASE tell me that the toothbrushes at least do something COOL, like play music?

    Seriously, I think that is a totally cute favor, plus the cardboard flower thingies are adorable!! And hey, what more could they want – they get the cookies they baked, AND the custom deco’d apron, AND a toothbrush!

  6. Janet

    Toothbrushes, Mir? Toothbrushes???

  7. Teachbroeck

    L-L-Love the pic of the aprons! BUT…I love the pic of the wine glass better!

  8. kristy

    Tooth brushes are great. My kids ALWAYS get a tooth brush in their Easter baskets. Of course, we can blame that piece of judgement on an invisible and absent bunny…

  9. ben

    I can tell you I never, ever, got a toothbrush as a party favor.

    And my dentist, sitting in the Jaguar I just bought him, says he is okay with that.

  10. Carolyn

    Total cuteness! Both the aprons and goodie bags. I hope the girls have lots of fun.

  11. just me

    What a fabulous and decorative blog this is. I so enjoyed looking over your creative endevours. You always manage to come up with something special. I’m sure that everyone will will enjoy your efforts. PS….Can I have an apron and a party favor too???? I’ve been pretty good lately, and I managed to catch your dad’s cold, boo hoo.


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