Dinner at my house

By Mir
April 13, 2005

“Okay! Let’s all sit down and eat! This is great. I love this. So. Let’s talk about our days. What happened today that was exciting? Hello? Anyone? Alright, I know; let’s see. I went to work for ten hours, and Monkey peed in his pants. Wow, that’s exciting!”

*crickets chirp*

“That’s not exciting, Mama. Can I have another roll?”


  1. Dawn

    I just found out that child support has sent out mu child support check out inthe mail to me in the amount of $650.00 thanks to a complaint I put in to the governor….that’s all that heppened to me today!

  2. Jules

    uhh…did I mention I had my hair done?…oh right, sorry..

    Uhhmm what else…Metadate instead of Adderall makes the vocal tick go away…but winds the smallish boy up like cheap rubberband….
    also…makes him pass out cold at night resulting in me finding him almost floating in a bed full of pee….2 nights in a row…yippee!

    somehow I’d prefer the peepee pants vs full bed…*shrugs*

    What was for dinner anyway?

  3. Zuska

    A few times at the dinner table, I’ll try to get a family conversation going by saying something like “So, what was the funniest thing that happened to YOU today?” It never works the way other people tell me it does, the kids totally ignore me or say something very goofy (“I sniffed my armpits!”), and then my darling spouse teases me and tells me to stop employing techniques I’ve read in some parenting magazine…do you have any rolls left over?

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