Not really what I had in mind

By Mir
March 14, 2005

Dear Mrs. Unpronounceable,

I know that you’ve only been teaching first grade for… what is it? Fifty years? So probably I am the first parent in the history of your teaching career to allow her child to come to school in her pajamas. (Well, no; that seems pretty impossible to me, but I’m trying very hard to give you the benefit of the doubt.)


I’m guessing that you thought you were being helpful when you told the other children not to bother Chickadee about what she was wearing today. I’m sure it had absolutely nothing to do with not wanting to deal with a disruption in your classroom, or fear of having to talk to me (you know, “that parent who refuses to stand by while her child is called by the wrong name, ignored, or bored out of her skull”) again.

Well, I just wanted to say thanks. And explain why she’ll be wearing pajamas again tomorrow. And probably for the rest of the schol year, judging by her enthusiasm.

Ironically yours,
Chickadee’s Mom

P.S. Sorry about the blood. I hit my head on the desk while I was writing this… a few hundred times.


  1. Zuska

    Did I not TELL you (after the fact, of course) I was worried this would be the reaction if I ever decided to take this path with my Chickadee? Gulp!! (And thank you for blazing this path, lol!)

  2. Leanne

    No. It can’t be! Oh I so dread the “do I have to take a shower every day mom” phase coming up. (Or has it already?)


    Sending quadruple extra strength tylenol your way.

  3. Jenn

    I *so* would have gone to school in my pajamas if my parents had let me. Heck, I work at home now and I still wear them all day sometimes…

  4. Betsy


    I am growling at this teacher on your behalf.

  5. The Zero Boss

    Please don’t give Neve any ideas.

  6. Jenny

    This tickled me so much that I have tears in my eyes, haha! Well, you’ll have plenty to torment her with when she is older and dating. My middle son actually ran around preschool on all “fours” and barked, and then went on to suck his shirt in Kindergarten til it was soaking wet. At the time it is embarassing, but later quite funny!

  7. Carol

    I’m a firm believer in all that “Love & Logic”/natural consequences stuff too. Until it backfires on me. Like it usually does.

    Parenting is too hard. I want someone else to do it for me and me only have my kids when they’re happy, not hungry, not tired, open to being reasonable and most importantly, do exactly what I tell them to do the moment I ask it!

  8. Amanda B.

    Oh boy, I totally would have worn my Princess Leia underoos to school if I could have. Actually, I still would. ;)

    I’m sorry you are having a tough time with Chickadee. I know you’ll look back at this and laugh…from your padded cell. :D

  9. Ben

    I hope the novelty wears off. Soon.

  10. Zee

    Oh my god, I had Wonder Woman underoos!! Too funny – haven’t thought about those in ages.

    Anyway Mir, best of luck – like Jenny: said, later on you’ll be laughing about it!

  11. Paul

    On a purely philosophical level, I have nothing against students wearing pajamas to school! LOL

  12. Suzanne

    It really does take a village to raise kids doesn’t it? Too bad the teacher wasn’t on the bandwagon with you on that one. Now they’re ALL going to want to be wearing pj’s to school! -sigh-

  13. Mamacita

    Be sure to take lots of pictures; you can use them against her later on. Any particularly awful pics? Tell her you’re going to give a copy to all the boys who show up at the door in a few years.

  14. savtadotty

    There is a don’t-want-to-get-dressed alternative to wearing pajamas to school: sleeping in your clothes. When chckadee gets tired of the pajama game, try that one.

  15. "Anne"

    Ha! And Ha Ha again! I am glad I am not the only one who tells the teachers to be unkind to my children in the interests of personal growth. You can check out my entry: A Note To The Teacher at for details.

    Please keep it up. I am laughing.

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