Mother of the Year

By Mir
March 14, 2005

Dear Mrs. Unpronounceable,

This morning as I dragged around my 10-ton, phlegm-filled head, Chickadee commenced her usual morning routine of refusing to get out of bed and do any of the necessary before-school tasks. Rather than lose my temper, I decided it was time to employ a technique which her therapist has suggested.

“Look, you’re almost seven years old. I’m tired of arguing with you. You can make your own choice. Get your butt out of bed and get dressed, or go to school in your pajamas. It doesn’t matter to me.”

I snuck some clothes into her backpack, but she’s awfully proud of the ballerinas on her top. I hope it’s not too disruptive, and please don’t call CPS.

Thanks very much,
Chickadee’s Mom

P.S. Please encourage the other children in the class to tease her. Please?


  1. Carolyn

    Whoa, you’re good!

  2. Autumn

    Well, at least she’ll be prepared for 8am classes at college. I think I spent much time in class in my pj’s.

  3. Wiz

    I like this approach, at this age some times you have to speak to them as an adult. They like the idea of a choice, as she arrives to school with her pj’s on and realizes shes the only one with them on, she may realize that moms choice was better. From there on, hopefully the argument will never rise again..

  4. Zuska

    LOL – you DIDN’T!!! Yeah, you did – and let me just say I’ve FANTASIZED about sending MY Chickadee to school in her jammies when she gives me a hard time about getting dressed, but I’ve never had the nerve. I love living vicariously, so PLEASE fill us in on how this goes (and then I promise to take my hand off the CAPS LOCK key!!).

  5. Ben

    LOl Mir.

  6. Leanne

    Speaking from experience: she will come home upset and pouty, because NONE of the boys like ballerina thermal underwear and surgical socks over her shoes.

    Mom I promise she will never do that again.

  7. carson

    I’ve heard teachers encourage this, because it makes the kids responsible for their own behavior. I’ve never actually done it, though, congrats!

  8. Bob

    I wonder if it will work on my 19 year old? If it works with Chickadee let me know and I’ll try it on mine.

  9. Jules

    This tactic doesn’t work so well when the almost 7 year old doesn’t wear ANYTHING to bed… But it did work a treat in Kindergarden when he did and I drove his contrary self to school in his long johns….although I had a change of clothes in the car…that pretty much convinced him I meant business :)

  10. Thumper

    Heh…she’ll either get teased, or she’ll start a fashion trend…

  11. poopie

    Hey…if Jacko can get away with it, why not Chickadee??

  12. joshilyn

    HA! Perhaps C. is destined to be a writer when she grows up. Lord knows I spent all of today working in my pajamas! *grin*

  13. Cori

    I know my daughter would think she’d love this and end up soooo upset that it wouldn’t happen again. Let us know how well Chickadee learned her lesson.

  14. Suzanne

    I once took my son to a resteraunt in his underwear because he wouldn’t get dressed! (of course he just had to make the drive there, in my convertable no less, and I had clothes for him in the car). He never did that again!!

  15. Amy

    I have a child who once wore a pair of underwear as a HAT for 3 days straight so I don’t think this technique will work for me…and btw no one called children’s services on me when he did that so I think you’re safe! :)

  16. Shaunta


    I have done this with Nick. It didn’t work. But he loved it. He was the talk of the class. No one teased him. I’m afraid some other second grade moms were faced with the dreaded…”but Nick’s mom let’s him!!!” He damn near started a trend. And he STILL didn’t get his butt out of bed without a struggle.

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