By Mir
March 13, 2005

I fought the cold, and the cold won.

*hack* *cough* *snort*

We’re playing hooky from church. The children are thrilled (a little too thrilled, if you ask me). But I started losing my voice yesterday, and this morning as children circled my bed like wild animals, I pushed up on one elbow to tell them to get out.

In my mind, I said, “Guys, go downstairs and give me a minute to get up!”

In reality, I said, “G… g… d… … .i.. ee.. a… *hackhack*

That pretty much answered the question of whether I would be making it to choir.

So we’re home, and the children are running amock in their jammies, and I am… sitting amok? Not sure. Sitting here wishing I was still in bed.

And of course, I still need to do all the things I didn’t do yesterday, because yesterday we received over a foot of snow. Yes, a FOOT OF SNOW. In MARCH. Gosh I JUST LOVE WINTER SO VERY MUCH!! Oh, sorry, was I shouting? Couldn’t be; I have no voice, ya know.

Yesterday we sat around in pajamas all day long and watched the snow and waited for the guy to come plow the driveway. Then we baked cookies (because nothing goes with utter sloth like fresh cookies, also known as “I’ve been a negligent mother today, so here, have some sugar, too!”) and the kids had a nice long bath and we had dinner and they went to bed.

All of which means that we did not get groceries, go to the dump, do laundry, or clean. Today I suspect we will not get groceries, go to the dump, do laundry, or clean, either. But who knows. Maybe I can bribe the kids with cookies to start cleaning up….

So, um, God? Sorry about not making it over to your house, today. I just didn’t think it would be okay to mix your praises with so much phlegm. But… uhhhh… cookie? No? Maybe next week.


  1. alektra

    You have the decency not to get the rest of the congregation sick, and as someone who has a crap immune system, your Christian charity is VERY much appreciated.

    Feel better soon!

  2. Amanda B.

    Aww. I am sorry you are sick. You need someone to make you some chicken soup!

  3. Lisa

    God undoubtedly understands. Feel better soon! :)

  4. Amy B.

    Hope you feel better!

  5. janie

    Yep…hard to sing praises with no voice :}

    Hope you feel better very soon!

  6. Genuine

    Bribing God with cookies? Man I shoulda thought of that!!!!

  7. Dave

    Cookies!!!! Mmmmmm.

    Phlegm. Ewww.

  8. Beth

    I was sent here by Leanne…how did I miss you before now?
    Hope the crud goes away soon; phlegm sucks. Er, blows.


  9. Joe Cool (Cowboy)

    Hey, don’t you know that it goes away faster if you share it with someone? You might have given it to a whole lot just be being ther…No, you just sit back and relax… cookies will fix it for shore….
    Prayers and hugs, hope you feel better soon…

  10. Heather

    I’m terribly sick today too, but I didn’t get to quit on the singing…I was the only background vocalist, and then I had to lead a 2 hour vocal rehersal after church. My voice hurts.

  11. Kira

    Hey, were they KIRA COOKIES? Keep saying that, it’ll catch on, I’m sure.
    Hope you feel better, dear. Miss ya.

  12. Cursingmama

    Go to the dump??? Isn’t that a variation of the “Go Fish” card game?

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