How to come back

By Mir
March 6, 2005

Fly first class. Why? I have no idea. Perhaps the fine airline folks are confused. I know I was, when I realized my boarding pass put me in the very first row. My confusion quickly dissipated as I stretched out my legs and enjoyed my pre-flight beverage in an actual glass. I deserve this as much as the businessman next to me, I reasoned. Maybe moreso.

Read a schlock novel. Why? Because that’s what you do on an airplane. Work, schmerk. For being stuffed into a gigantic flying canister of circulating cold germs for several hours, you deserve a book that you wouldn’t be caught dead reading, otherwise. Besides, it’ll take your mind away for a while. While the plane is in the air, you are not yet obligated to return to reality.

Breathe deeply while waiting for the parking shuttle. Why? Because the air smells different here. Familiar. And it smells a lot better than the air on the plane or in the airport.

Devise a mental list of preparation for the coming week. Why? Because that’s returning to reality, while not focusing on the silence of your empty car or the time that stretches in front of you until the next vacation. Because turning your mind back to your kids and your job and the other things you love here might stop you from feeling that little bit of emptiness that only that which you left behind can fill.

Grab the mail and head into the dark house. Why? Because you’re home. That bundle of envelopes and catalogs and newsletters holds pieces of your life. Maybe you don’t need to open them right away. But later; later you’ll pay bills and toss junk and get back into the routine of being here.

Haul your suitcase upstairs and unpack. Why? Because if you don’t do it now, it’ll sit there for another month. It won’t take that long. Really. Realize that you can smell lingering reminders in that suitcase. Lift out the worn clothes and breathe it all in for a minute.

Close your eyes. Why?

Because the mixture of cologne and perfume on that sweater evokes that long, cobbled walkway and dodging the puddles with hands intertwined.

Because those jeans now studded with short hairs are a testimony to how therapeutic it can be to get down on the floor and growl and wrestle.

Because those jammies that smell of different detergent, now, remind you of falling asleep without realizing it, and waking up with no need at all to do anything.

Because the hint of garlic on that shirt brings back setting down the wine glasses to dance into the kitchen.

Because savoring the miracle makes returning to the mundane bearable.


  1. Carolyn

    Oooooh.Details! Enquiring minds want to know!
    It sounds like you had fun.

  2. ben

    Welcome home, Mir.

  3. Amanda B.

    Ahhhhh. Romance. I’m glad you had a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing some of the love. I’m going to squeeze my honey-bunny now. :)

  4. Leanne

    How to come back? Boy after that last couple of paragraphs the question should be more like:

    “How to hire someone to pack kids and house and ship to new location.”

  5. alektra

    Welcome home!

  6. Kym

    Awwwe. I’d like to tell you it gets easier but you know I’m a liar.

    Glad you had a good weekend… welcome home!

  7. honestyrain

    you had a nice time. i’m so glad.

  8. Rebecca

    Sounds like you had such a lovely time…wonderful images…I was smelling the garlic and detergent right along with you. :)

  9. Mike

    Welcome back, Mir…glad to hear you are truly savoring that which you utterly, completely deserve.

  10. Barb

    You definitely deserved the First Class treatment….and it sounds like you went First Class all the way, not just on the plane!

  11. dad

    I’m glad you’re home safe, sound and apparently very happy. That’s the way life is supposed to be.

  12. Laura

    Wow! So, uh, you had a good weekend? I feel all dreamy now.

  13. Philip

    Quiet. Content. Happy. Living life instead of spending time, counting days.

    Welcome back. And not just from your trip.

  14. Chuck

    I am glad you had a great time away! Sounds like fun was had by all!

  15. Kestralyn

    Wow. What a weekend! I second Philip’s comment… it sounds as though you have made a wonderful return ;-) No details needed (much as I want them). I don’t want to intrude upon those private smiles!

  16. joshilyn

    WELCOME HOME CHICA! I win a noodle or whatever it was I bet.

  17. Karen

    Sounds absolutely lovely. I’m so happy for you! I’m also dying of curiosity but struggling not to pry.

  18. Bob

    that just made my heart melt. It brought to mind a similar weekend we had in Monterrey a year ago. (Don’t tell my wife, she’ll be jealous). It sounds as if you haven’t landed yet, that you’re still 35,000 feet up in the stratosphere floating along still savoring the experience. I hope you don’t have to land anytime soon. Time enough for real life later.

  19. Kris

    Hey – that is not enough details! You’re just teasing us …. although it sounds like you had a nice time. Good for you! ‘Bout time, huh?

  20. lu

    Mir, sounds wonderful! How much vacation time did you say your new job allows?

  21. part-timer

    I am so glad you had fun. Yay!!!!

  22. poopie

    ’bout damn time you came back to your adoring fans!

  23. Betsy

    Lovely. Simply lovely…

  24. sarahb

    I am sitting her in the midst of noisy 3rd graders and felt like I just slipped into a Nicholas Sparks book!

  25. Colleen

    *sniff* *sniff* your w/e sounds great but my heart is sad.

  26. wavybrains

    Wow . . .what a beautiful description . . .you so deserved that . . .happy for you

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