By Mir
February 28, 2005

Is free lunch still a bargain if it makes you sick enough that you have to leave work early?

Even I (the bargain queen) don’t think so.

The kids are eating cereal directly out of the boxes in front of the television. If you must call CPS, could you ask them to bring some ginger ale? Thanks.


  1. Cori

    No call here…as long as it’s vitamin-fortified because that makes all the difference, ya know!

    Hope you are feeling better soon!

  2. Jenny

    You poor baby! One time I was so sick I lost TEN pounds in four hours. My two youngest sat on the floor in the livingroom, eating sour cream cheddar potato chips and drinking red Koolaid. All day. They also watched the same movie at least four times.I couldn’t drum up the strength to do anything, Ever since, I can’t look at those chips or watch that movie. Oh yeah, the very youngest spilled a gallon of red Koolaid in the kitchen, and it seeped through the floor and dripped down onto my white car in the garage… Hope you feel better soon!

  3. ben

    Every time I tell CPS I’m sick and feeding the kids junk food they laugh, then pass the call around the office so the other case workers can have a laugh, and then they say “call us when you feel better so we can come and laugh AT you, but only after you’re not contagious anymore”


  4. Kristie

    Oh no! Feel better soon!

  5. alektra

    Gentle, gentle hugs. And a cool cloth on your head.

  6. Kym

    Oh no!!! Just what you need….

  7. Joe Cool (Cowboy)

    Well, just dropped over to check out the cool title of the cool blog that the cool link was on a really cool ladies site. Is that enough cool? Maybe not, so here’s one more. You have a cool site. I liked reading all the current posts. And love the page design. No really, I mean it. But…. and isn’t there always a but, (even if it’s only the one we’re sittin’ on?) But, what did they poison you with, I need some for my boss. (lol)

  8. Joshilyn

    I’m sorry about whatever you have, Mir, and I hope it gets over soon…meanwhile, I want a dose of what JENNY had.


  9. Chickie

    Hope you are feeling better today. Nothing like a nice dose of food poisoning to make you appreciate your body when it’s feeling well.

  10. Amanda B.

    Sorry you are feeling icky. That’s no fun.

    I hope you feel better soon as I know you a lot going on. Ahem.

  11. Ben

    Amanda – let’s go have a cup of coffee, and we can talk about (ahem) friends.

  12. CursingMama

    CPS so won’t take the kids and give you a day off for cereal, its when you don’t feed them….and those little buggers always seem to find some food.
    Hope you’re feeling better & someone sent Ginger Ale.

  13. Emi

    If it’s making you sick, I think NO not a bargain. Especially if you don’t hang onto it, if you know what I mean. Ew.

  14. poopie

    You might have the flu, ya know. Tis the season.

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