So THAT’S the problem

By Mir
February 24, 2005

Monkey shuffled into my room this morning and scaled my body in a single fluid movement, parking himself on my hip and tucking his head into the crook of my neck.

“How’s my baby?” I asked him, while brushing my lips across his (still warm) forehead.

“Well, I’m sort of okay, but there’s something wrong with the lid to my mouth,” he informed me.

“Ummmm… the what of your mouth?”

“The lid. I was thirsty and I tried to drink some water but the lid of my mouth sort of hurts and wouldn’t let the water down,” he clarified.

“Oh, I see. Does your throat hurt?”

“No, just the lid is sort of spikey.”

Well then. It’s not a sore throat, it’s a spikey lid. Monkey Fever is a complicated ailment.


  1. Amanda B.

    That is so sweet. I love the way you talk about your babies. It makes me feel all warm and safe.

  2. Karen

    That’s a perfect description — I’ve felt that way before, too. Poor little Monkey guy.

  3. Tammy

    Awwww, so sweet. I hope he’s better soon.


  4. Shiz

    Spikey Lid, that could be the name of a British punk band.

  5. Zuska

    …not to brag or anything, but I was fully aware that one of the early warning signs of Monkey Fever is a spikey lid – I thought everyone knew that! ;)

    Here’s hoping Monkey is feeling all chipper soon. Poor kid!

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