By Mir
February 24, 2005

I ask you, is there anything more pitiful than a mild-mannered child whose reaction to the sickies is a gravitational pull to the couch and PBS?

It almost makes me forget that everything about George Shrinks drives me completely insane. (Why is he so small? How did he get that way? Does he ever actually shrink? What a COINCIDENCE that their last name is “Shrinks” and he JUST HAPPENS to be so small! Excuse me while I vomit! Why does everyone on that show have such weird hair? What is it about this insipid premise that hypnotizes my children??)

Behold, Portrait of the Monkey as a Pitiful Lump.


  1. Ben

    re: gravity and couches: put a beer in his hand, fast forward about 32 years, and you’d see ME watching George Shrinks.

    The funky hair bugs me, too, but I wanna know how they cut his food up small enough for him to eat. I would also keep a close (close, I say) eye on his sibling, since my kids are prone to flush just about anything down the toilet.

  2. RockStar Mommy

    Awww, poor thing. I hope he’s feeling better soon.

    PBS Kids is just all around strange. George Shrinks, Boohbah, Teletubbies – who comes up with this stuff and knows that it’s going to be a hit with kids? It amazes me. I wouldn’t last a day in that business.

  3. Kristie

    I hope he feels better. We all have strep over here.

  4. alektra

    Poor baby. I remember when I had Scarlet Fever that I thought there was a throat swallowing the opposite direction as my throat because it hurt so much.

    He looks restful, at least. Poor Mir and Monkey!

  5. Karin

    Yeah, I don’t get George Shrinks, either. PBS Kids has a lot of weird stuff, but I don’t mind Zaboomafoo and a couple of their other shows. Barney’s voice grates on my nerves, too. What is it about him kids like?

  6. janie

    Poor Monkey!

  7. Mike

    Oh, no…you really don’t like George Shrinks?? What’s not to like about an incredibly optimistic, confident, dare I say WITTY child character, even if he is a freak of nature? Parents who are in love, even if they’re a little nuts? Just let the premise wash over ya, Mir…it’s good stuff (and the theme song is even catchy!!)!

  8. eileen

    Hey Mir,
    I ran across your website accidentally. Love your optimism and it’s clear you love being a mother. Whether you are single mom or not, working or not, when you love them at all costs, that’s whats going to make their lives richer for it.

    I think I know why that show is so appealing to children. It is the perspective of this boy that is incredibly physically smaller than everyone else (including his family). Sometimes so small, people can forget about him and lose him. YET, through this adversary, he heroically can solve his own problems, be ingenious, and independent and do some inventive clever things.

    Thus children, (being naturally small and often ignored), can totally relate to this… they can relate to this little boy whose physical weight and height is exageratted, because that’s how they sometimes view themselves as being…. small. And what do they want more than anything when they are small? Independence, and the ability to do what mommy and daddy does… ADULT like things, which George is able to do….

    Just a thought.

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