Dad, I can’t believe you missed this

By Mir
February 24, 2005

(I’ll try to get them to do it again when you’re here tomorrow, but who knows.)

My children, my darling, sweet, adorable, totally WEIRD children, are wearing footie sleepers in preparation for an early bedtime. They just came walking in here, single-file, with their sleepers unzipped and pooled around their ankles. They shuffled and bounced like penguins on methamphetamines as they took turns declaring “WALK THIS WAY!” and waggling their character-underwear-clad derrieres.

Casa Mir, home to the half-naked parade of cartoon hero butts and overused but still funny jokes.

(Yes, I think Monkey’s feeling better. That Motrin I gave him seemed to help. Also I let him smoke some crack.)

(Chickadee would like me add–“Since Grandpa likes funny jokes!”–this joke: Q. How do you clean a tuba? A. With a tuba toothpaste!)


  1. dave

    If only they knew their classic rock, and could have screamed a Steven Tyleresque “Walk this way!”

  2. Sarah

    I need kids!

  3. diane

    So glad to hear Monkey is feeling better. Or…he and Chickadee have gone crazy with fever?

  4. Jenny

    Hahahahaha! I love your kids. We’ve been doing some bootie shaking around here tonight, too. It’s like a parallel universe.

  5. dad

    I demand an encore performance. But it has to be spontaneous.

  6. Girl.A

    Here’s a tried-and-true favorite:
    How do you make friends with a squirrel?

    Climb up a tree and act like a nut!

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