Red-hot Monkey love!

By Mir
February 23, 2005

No, not that.

Monkey: I don’t want to take a shower. I love you! *wrapping himself around my leg*
Me: I love you too, but you need a shower. Clothes off, please.
Monkey: But I’m cold.
Me: Then go get in the water; it’s warm there.
Monkey: But I’m still cold here in the water!
Me: Yes, your life is dreadful. Get your hair wet.
Monkey: It’s cold, Mama!
Me: *feeling water* It’s fine, sweetie. Here’s your shampoo. Scrubadub.
Monkey: Can I get out now?
Me: Noooo, let’s go quick and then you can get out. Here’s your scrubbie. Don’t forget your feet.
Monkey: Mama, I need you to hug me and make me warm.
Me: Sounds good. Go rinse and I’ll wrap you up in your towel.
Monkey: Hurry! I’m COLD! *shivering*
Me: Okay, come on. *wrapping him in towel*
Monkey: I… I… *bursting into tears*
Me: Monkey! What’s the matter?!
Monkey: *teeth chattering* I… I… cold… love… you… *weeping*
Me: *holding him closer* But you feel warm! You feel really warm! You feel… oh crap. *lightbulb glows over my head*

Chickadee: Mama, you shouldn’t say crap.
Monkey: *sobbing hysterically*
Me: Sorry, Chickie. Get your clothes off for your shower, I’ll be right back.
Chickadee: What’s wrong with Monkey?
Me: I’m taking care of him, just get into the shower please. I’ll be back in a second.

A few more tearful “I love you!”s and a speedy thermometer reading of 103.5 later….

Monkey: I’m still cold under the blankets!
Me: Just lay still for a bit and you’ll warm up. I’m gonna go help Chickadee for a minute, then I’ll come back and check on you, okay?
Monkey: Okay. I’m sort of tired.
Me: I’ll bet you are. Just rest a little, k?
Monkey: Okay. Mama?
Me: Yes, baby?
Monkey: I’m a little hungry. But I think I’m too tired to get up.
Me: That’s okay, sweetie. You just rest for a minute and I’ll be right back.
Monkey: I love you, Mama.
Me: I love you too, sweet boy. Be back in a minute.

30 seconds later….

Me: Monkey…?
Monkey: …Zzzzzzzzzzz…

Ya know, I used to dream of a guy being so wild about me that he became feverish in his declarations. This isn’t quite what I had in mind, though.


  1. Robin

    Oh my gosh… poor Monkey! Poor Mommy! I hope he feels better very very soon… poor, sweet baby!

  2. Nina

    Oh poor little thing! I once told my daughter “oh get over it you;re not sick, we’re going to school!”
    That would be the day the school called me and told me she had a 102 fever. I felt like the worst mom! In my defense, she is a VERY dramatic child, so sometimes it’s hard to tell with her!

  3. Heather

    Aw, you sound like the bestest Mommy. (Other than mine, of course.) Hope Monkey feels beter soon.

  4. alektra

    Big hugs and kisses to the Monkey. I hope he feels better soon!

  5. Thumper

    Awwww, poor little guy. I hope he feels better soon…that just reminds me of when my kid was little, and the forehead slapping moments of realizing he wasn’t being difficult on purpose, he just felt like doody…

  6. Michele

    awww poor baby–hope he feels better soon. I know it feels horrible when you missed the signals–all part of mommyhood.

  7. Jules

    Awww Bless his little heart! Sending get well hugs and wishes for your house…and also, hopes that this dreaded monkey virus doesn’t spread!

    But spreading the hot monkey love on the other hand is welcome…yes THAT kind :p

  8. kim

    Hope the little guy feels better soon…..just sent my last sick one back to school today….keeping fingers crossed that this will be the last sick week for a while!
    Not that i don’t enjoy my children being home with me…but this mommy needs a break!

  9. Shiz

    How sweet!

    And I’m with Monkey: it sucks to be cold.

    Chickadee: You shouldn’t say “suck.”

  10. Shiz

    Sweet how he loves you and cuddles with you, not sweet that he’s sick.

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