Pray for me

By Mir
February 21, 2005

Well, well.

School’s closed.

Given that I will be alone at the office and I’d like to save a day’s worth of extra daycare expenses, I’m taking Chickadee in with me.

I’d love to tell you that the extra time with me is going to be just what she needs, but asking for some valium would probably be more realistic….


  1. Amanda B.

    Good luck brave Mir, and Godspeed.:P

  2. ben

    You are very brave, indeed. I bow before your kid-management skillz.

  3. Nancy

    I’ve done this dozens of times!
    Just plan and bring enough for her to do ~ make her feel like she’s “helping you” at your tasks, and go into the day with the realization that you will only complete 50% of what you hoped to get done (if you’re lucky).

  4. Kristie

    I had my rugrat with me at the office on Friday. She played her gameboy and watched dvd’s all day.

  5. Philip

    I bet you two do great! Good luck

  6. Jules

    May the force be with you :)

    I could handle taking the smallish boy with me on a day no one was there much better than the days I take him when everyone is there….*pulls out hair*

    Hope you two have a great day!

  7. dave

    Dizzle loved “bring your daughter to the office day” last year. Spent the whole day coloring with the admins, and watching tv.

  8. RockStar Mommy

    My Mom is a psychologist (I laugh my ass off every time I have to say or type that) and there were a few times that she had to take me into work with her. Except, I wasn’t allowed in her office to hear all the juicy good stuff. I had to sit out in the waiting room the ENTIRE time watching people twitch and talk to themselves why I flicked through the endless copies of Highlights magazines.
    To this day, I can’t think of the Timbertoes without picturing them in straight jackets on a thorazine drip.
    Not that everyone that goes to a shrink has been institutionalized, but when you’re 7 years old just before the break-through of Prozac, you imagine all kinds of things ;)

    Good luck to the two of you today! :)

  9. karma

    Hi there! I have heard of you but never seen your blog – glad I did while Tishing you :))

  10. Bob

    OH. MY. GOD. You ARE a sadist, aren’t you? I took my kids to the office a few times when they were kids and I was on-call and their mom was at work. AARRGGHH. Although, these things helped: the elevator, swivel chairs, a stack of continuous form printer paper and highlighters. I now keep a barrel of monkees, a Cracker Barrel (r) peg game, and a HUGE martini glass full of candy (complete with proportionally sized pimiento stuffed olive on a toothpick) to entertain occasional visits of fellow associates’ kids.

    (OKAY, OKAY – the items on my desk are for me, not the kids. I hold the office record for longest monkey chain.)

    It’s too bad the office dog isn’t there, Chickadee could have hours of fun playing fetch the stapler, chase ’round the aisle, wreck the conference room, and learn to pooper scoop. All valuable educational activities.

  11. Bob

    I really should read these damn comments before posting…..”I took my kids to the office a few times when they were kids”. Doh.

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