Sniff the monkeyus maximus

By Mir
February 15, 2005

It is very difficult to continue dancing with your daughter and belting out a heartfelt “I love everybody / Especially you!” while your son keeps bending over and backing into you while giggle-demanding “Smell my butt!”

Can you feel the love?


  1. Jules

    Yay!! Butt smelling…that’s how I know he’s a real little boy and not just the picture of perfection ;)

  2. Nancy

    ahhh …little boys!

  3. Jenny

    Well, didja smell it? Huh? Huh?

  4. Nina

    Princess sticks her feet in my face forceably and says “smell my stinky feet!” then she laughs maniacally.

  5. alektra

    Smell and Butt are the two funniest words in the English language, right?

  6. k8

    Hey Im a first time poster,,,been reading awhile. Recently divorced…I feel yer pain! So siked for you re the new job. Thanks for sharing yourself-you inspired me to start a blog about my monkeys.

  7. Amanda B.

    Haha! Your little Monkey Man is funny. :)

  8. Zuska

    In my house, the whole thing would fall apart because MY Chickadee would jump right out of my arms and join the “Smell my butt” chorus. And then they’d try to give me a wedgie, and it’s downhill from there!

  9. Robin

    I am rolling… absolutely rolling… I think our sons would be happy playmates… the same weird sense of humor.

  10. joshilyn

    Yesterday, my 2 year old (Maisy) slipped and went down hard onto the wood floor, and she was squalling and saying, “MOMMY! KISS MY BUTT! KISS MY BUTT!”

    So a request to take a SNIFF seems like a REPRIEVE.

  11. Peek

    Charming boys turn into charming men, don’t they?

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